Winnebago Used Travel Trailers How Good Are They?

Winnebago used travel trailers, do they stack up or are they the same as the rest of the manufacturers in this industry. The sad reality is that these people are no different from the rest. When you are thinking of buying a travel trailer that is used it is a real mine field because unless you know what to look for chance are you are going to end up with something you wish you never had.

You are going to extremely sorry for purchasing a Winnebago used travel trailer  that has faults you did not know about and were not told about either. The name of the game hear is profits not customer satisfaction so getting you to purchase a travel trailer that is used is one of persuasion rather than selling the trailer on its merits.

These trailers look amazing but have things hidden in them and if you are ignorant and do not know much about these trailers then you are going to get sold a faulty travel trailer that looks amazing but has faults. 

Can You Trust The Dealers?

I would have to say a big no on this one as they are in business to sell you a Winnebago used travel trailer so that they can make a living. This is what comes first not making sure that you are looked after and given the best deal possible for the lest amount of money.

If they are offering a large discount on a travel trailer then you can bet there is something wrong with it. But if you are ignorant and trust the salesmen then you are going pay a premium for a Winnebago used travel trailer that is going to cause you nothing but trouble and heartache. They will be nice when you complain to their face but if you send a message to them do not expect it to be answered.

This is the way these people run their businesses. They do not care about your problems that you are having with the trailer you purchased from them. Another thing is they will promise all kinds of things on the phone but you will end up with no satisfaction from them even if you take the unit in for repair under warranty if it has one. If you are paying you may get satisfaction then.

Is This Kind Of Behaviour Across The Board

Unfortunately when a Winnebago used travel trailer or for that matter any other trailer manufacturer has these problem units they use the same tactics. This is why I have put together this website to warn people that these travel trailers are not very good quality in the way that they are made. The makers get away with it because the public are ignorant of their tactics of using the trickery of a shiny object to get you to part with your hard earned money.

The people who purchase travel trailer really know nothing about them and how they are made so it is easy for these businesses to pull the wool over your eyes so to speak. If these Winnebago used travel trailer were manufactured correctly then there would be no issue with them being faulty or going that way in a short space of time.

They are not built to last very long that is how it is in the industry so that people have to buy another one every so often. Which means usually every twenty years or less with some not even reaching the ten year mark before they have to be replaced. This is why there is a lot of faulty travel trailers out there.

Winnebago Used Travel trailers

With experience comes the knowledge to know not to trust in what you see with your eyes but to examine what you don't see to trust whether a Winnebago used travel trailer makes the grade or not.

The trouble is the pressure to make the cheapest trailer so that people will look at your product but the downfall is always quality no matter how good it may look. The drive is for a good looking but poor quality cheap unit to be produced so it will sell. This is the Chinese mentality and the Japanese before them which lead to a reputation of producing cheap crap that would not last, not quality.

True quality is expensive but lasts the distance and is usually still in use after thirty or forty years of service.

There are a few older models around but nowhere near as the new models that are being produced annually. The list of new models are as follows and in most cases are of a cheaper quality but may last longer if no issues are present from the start.

Minnie Plus - 26RBss, 27BHSS, 27RBDS,29DPBH,30RLSS,31BHDS

Minnie Plus Fifth Wheels - 25RKS, 28RLTS, 27REOK, 28RRG, 29MBH, 29RBH

Minnie - 2201DS, 2201MB, 2401RC, 2455BHS, 2500FL, 2500RL, 2506RL, 2701RBS, 2801BHS

Micro Minnie - 1700BH, 1706FB, 1808FBS, 2100BA, 2106DS, 2106BS, 2108DS,2108FBS, 2108TB, 2306BHS

•  Micro Minnie Fifth Wheels - 2405BH, 2405BHDB, 2405RB, 2405RG, 2405RL 

Minnie Drop - 170K, 170S, 185DB, 190BH, 210RBS

Spyder - 23FS, 26FS, 26FSS, 27FS, 28KS

• Spyder Fifth Wheels - 28FRS, 30FRS 

All these models are available used or new but change slightly with each passing year with features and overall look being changed to keep the look of the Winnebago travel trailer fresh and up to date looking so they would continue to sell. 

Winnebago Used Travel Trailers Final Words

Do not blindly trust that these people are going to look after your interests because in the end they are not. They are about getting paid so you have to do your own due diligence on what they are trying to sell you to make sure that you get what you want and not something you do not want. This is really hard to do because these people have been doing this a long time.

They know how to make you feel comfortable with parting with your money for something you think is a good deal. But when it turns out later to a nightmare in disguise you would have rather not got involved with.

So be very careful because these people are predators who are out to take your money and leave you holding on to a lemon. There is enough people out there who have had this happen to them so be warned.

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