Used Forest River Trailers Beware of The Lemon Effect

Used forest River trailers can be good or can be really bad if you are not careful. Why is this? It is because the drive is to mass produce as many  travel trailers as possible every single day which means there is pressure on the workers to get a set number of trailers done per day.

This of course does not allow for mistakes and errors that are made so naturally these errors are left in place. The people who put the trailers together don't have the time to fix mistakes that are made. Of course this does not happen all the time just every now and then. One thing is true though is that it is more common than you may think.

Production Problems

Used Forest River trailers may keep there integrity some of the time but the used ones that have problems usually do not have the more serious problems resolved. The problem is dealt with on a superficial level so that the problem seems to be fixed.

The trouble is it does not last and this all because a problem developed during the mass production process which could not be dealt with straight away without slowing down production. You have to remember that the company makes its money by producing and selling as many travel trailers as possible.

So these temporary repairs fail after the warranty is over. So If you are considering purchasing a used Forest River trailer you have to be aware of this fact. 

Quality Control Problems

The reason this happens with used Forest River trailers is because when in the mass production process not all trailers go through quality control.

This is a fact because quality control costs which means it is good for the  buyer customer of a Forest River RV. The company looses money doing this so some trailers are not inspected at all. The truth is in this industry maybe one in four is fully inspected.

The end result is a faulty trailer going out the door and being on sold to a client who is disappointed with the purchase he or she has made. This sort of thing flows over into the used Forest River trailers. The owners of these trailers trade-in there trailer for something else but the problem with that is that this is an industry wide problem because of a lack of real competition which the public are unaware of.

End Result

What ends up happening with this lemon effort is that there become a large amount of used Forest River travel trailers for sale that nobody really wants. 

This is nobody wants to purchase a lemon and suffer the lemon effect which eats into their cash flow. I could be wrong because this does not happen with every trailer that is built by Forest River and it would be foolish to say that.

You have to be careful and do your due diligence when purchasing any travel trailer to make sure that it meets your expectations. Also you have be careful about dealer inspections. Why would you trust the inspection of a seller that could possibly be false and be hiding faults. You will not know about them until you have put your money down.

If you believe them and have taken possession of your dream RV it will be later that it turns out to be a lemon. They will promise to take care of you but will only do superficial repairs that may not work or last. So  you the owner repair it and then trade it on something else. 

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