Used Bigfoot Travel Trailers What Can You Expect

Used Bigfoot travel trailers what can you expect from them. Are they going to be full of issues or are they better. Well you might be surprised to learn that these trailers still have some problems.

The great thing about these travel trailers though is that they are constructed of a two piece fiberglass shell which is bonded together making the camper water tight as far as the shell goes. Of course you will realize that every hole cut into that shell has the potential to let in water if the sealing of these areas was poorly done.

The overall quality of the build on a Bigfoot travel trailer is impressive. The company makes these trailers a four seasons standard to withstand the harsh variations of the Canadian winter and summer.

with all the necessary equipment on board for all weather camping and touring is more pleasant. This means of course that you get a fully covered tank system that is heated to stop things from freezing up. when the weather is cold and everything outside is frozen you are cosy and warm in your Bigfoot travel trailer.

Used Bigfoot Travel Trailers Love Them or Hate Them 

Lots of people love their used Bigfoot travel trailer. A few who have had used Bigfoot travel trailers for a while have shared there RV though YouTube. Showing all the benefits  of owning one though a tour of their trailer.

If you understand about travel trailers then you are going to love the all fiberglass body design which is two pieces of fiberglass molded together.

You may hate the shape but this is how they get around the design flaws in other trailers. Especially slides which have a tendency to leak with frequent use.

If you love the superior quality and the attention to detail then more than likely you will love theses caravans also. What is there to hate after all you only get what you pay for in this world.

If it is quality you want then this is what you are paying for with used Bigfoot travel trailers. The plus is a used one is going to be cheaper than a new one plus all the issues should have been taken care of.

More people are going this way because it is cheaper for them to get into a Bigfoot rather than buying new which is a bit more expensive. the starting price is  at $52,200. This is the only negative thing you will not like unless you understand travel trailers in general.

Used Bigfoot Travel Trailers Older or Newer

Because of the way that Bigfoot manufacture there travel trailers with a fiberglass exterior shell, the life span of their travel trailers is much longer than the  average travel trailer that is made in North America.

Because these travel trailers are made in British Columbia Canada where the weather is extreme they have had to make their trailers all season proof.This is so that no matter how cold or hot it is you have either the heating system or air conditioning system to take care of the extremes on board.

Your tanks and pipes will not freeze up like they will on other used travel trailers which do not have this as a standard requirement on their travel trailers.

If you fancy a retro used Bigfoot travel trailer then you have an older version which may need some upgrading done to bring up to to standard. But of course this is the cheapest way to go if you enjoy refurbishing a used Bigfoot travel trailer.

By doing this it also increases the value of the trailer if it is over forty years old and is a little tired all round. Like I said this is something that you may like to do but if not then you may prefer to get a later model Bigfoot that suits your tastes if you are a fan of them. 

Used Bigfoot Travel Trailer Flaws

One of the flaws is the small size of the interior space which if there are more than two of you can be a bit of a challenge to dampen the spirits of any vacation or boon docking you may do.

Another flaw which some people have experienced is the delamination of the interior which was caused by Big foot using the the wrong glue. You will have to keep your eyes open for this one plus misaligned cabinet doors and the laminate on the cabinets starting to bubble and lift.

Usually though you will not find these issues on the used Bigfoot travel trailers you look at, but is good to know about them. Water damage may also be present if the travel trailer has been poorly sealed.

This is another problem that does not happen that often in Bigfoot trailers. The occasional flaw you may find will probably be an easy fix. If that is the case then it is a good idea to get the dealer to fix it or get a private individual to except a lower price to cover the repair.

There is no perfect travel trailer it does not exist so there is always going to be something needed to be done to keep the travel trailer up to standard so you can use it on your vacations.

Used Bigfoot Travel Trailer Inspection

If you feel you do not trust the dealer or the individual you are purchasing the used Bigfoot travel trailer off then you can get an inspection to make sure everything is up to standard. This is something that will help you avoid purchasing a costly lemon which could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you are new and have no experience at buying a travel trailer then this is the best way for you to go. A lot of people have skipped this one because they thought it was to expensive. This is a mistake and a costly one.  Why because what was found later was hidden problems they could not see.

So if you are living in America there are a couple of inspection companies that operate around the country and you can find them online. The first one you can use is Premier RV Inspections to help you or if you prefer RV inspection specialists to do your inspection on the used Bigfoot travel trailer you are interested in purchasing.

Both of these companies give detailed pricing online so that you have a good idea on what any model of the used Bigfoot travel trailers is going to cost you. It is peanuts compared to the cost of hidden repairs which could cost thousands.

Final Thoughts on Used Bigfoot Travel Trailers

Used Bigfoot travel trailers are generally well built and usually give there owners issue free camping and off grid boon docking in all seasons. They are ideal travel trailer for those who just want to get away from it all for a while. or who decide that full time is a good idea to travel around and see every nock and cranny in the country that they live in.

Bigfoot has all the on board amenities to do this in the twenty five foot models so you can as a couple be on a permanent honeymoon as you travel from place to place.

Even though Bigfoot travel trailers are a significant investment compared to the cheaper travel trailers they are packed with hidden extras that the cheaper trailers do not have. Things that you need when the weather is either hot or extremely cold.

These Bigfoot travel trailers are rated to withstand twenty degrees below freezing weather which the cheaper ones are not. This is because they have an inch and half of insulation to keep the heat in and the cold out or to keep the cold in and the heat out in the summer.

The windows are also reflective for privacy and to reflect the heat or the cold depending what season it is. there are amny other benefits you will experience when you own one of the models of the used Bigfoot travel trailers.

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