Used Bailey Caravans Could Be Good Maybe

Used bailey caravans may have been around for seventy years but what does that mean to you who are looking for a caravan that has been around for a while. The thing is, is an old bailey caravan a good buy or should you look somewhere else.

You must know what you are looking for and to have the information and knowledge in order to be able to decern whether or not the travel trailer or caravan is a good buy. Having the ability to know what to look for will lead you to make a great choice and avoid a lemon.

Not Knowing

The one thing that lets people down is there inability to know what to look for in a used bailey caravan. I mean Bailey caravans have improved their design over the years.

Making changes to improve both manufacturing techniques and output to meet the increasing demand that came as the company was growing.

As a result of the increased pressures to produce more trailers faults became more obvious so something had to be done to improve and to stem the tide. So with these older caravans faults exist as a result of the pressures to produce more caravans.

Faults Built In

So used bailey caravans are no different to any other caravan in that they have faults. So if you are not diligent in exposing these faults you can be stuck with some hefty repair bills you would rather not have.

The earlier used bailey caravans before the introduction of the laminated wall system where probably better built than the later models with the laminated wall system. Delamination was and still is a huge problem to manufacturers who use that system of manufacture for their walls. 

Here are a list of used Bailey caravans that may come up for sale:

• Clifton

• Corsair

• Discovery 

• Maestro

• Mikado

• Olympus series II

• Orion 

• Pageant 

• Pageant series II

• Pegasus series I

• Pegasus series II 

• Pegasus series III

• Prima

• Ranger 

• Scorpio

• Senator series I to VI

• Unicorn series I 

• Unicorn series II 

All of the above list have been discontinued by Bailey due to a variety of problems and upgrades.

Alu-Tech System

In order to try and tackle this problem Bailey caravans came up with the Alu-Tech system. This system attempted to improve the laminated wall system by using plastic composite materials instead of wood.

This worked to solve the swelling and the smell of the moldy rotten wood but still did not stop cracking and delamination problems. The rub is for you is that this new system has only been around since 2009 and is not long enough to prove its full worth.

I suspect it has shown some improvement but still falls down because of the lamination process over a longer period of time say twenty years or so.  When this system has reached that level and is showing good result then you will have a proven system you can count on. All Bailey Caravans employ the Alu-Tech lamenation system.

Last Thoughts

I would say that the used Bailey caravans that where made when the company was small and produced only one hundred units per year would have been a better caravan than the ones produced today. This of course is my opinion.

The Bailey pageant was there most successful model because it was well built and reasonably priced. So even this model had its faults also so the rule still applies to know the faults of the caravan or travel trailer you are buying so you have a great purchase and avoid the lemon that could cost you thousands to repair.

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