Tyre Pump Either Foot, Hand or Electric

Tyre pump either foot, hand or electric which one is the best to have in your emergency kit for when your tyre is going flat or your spare is going flat or you have to do a emergency repair on a tyre. Apart from the tools needed for getting a tyre off a good idea is to have a tyre pump in your tool kit for an unexpected issue with your tyres.

There is nothing worse than being out in the middle of nowhere and end up with a flat tire. The obvious thing to do is to fit the spare but the problem with that is have you kept the pressure up on your spare wheel. If you haven't then your tyre pump is shore going to be a handy tool to have to pump up ypur soft tyre. 

You will be so happy with yourself that you bothered to add this to your emergency tool kit. It will prove to save you from a embarrassing moment of not having one and to have to wait around for someone to come and pump your tyre up so you can get back to enjoying your camping trip.

Types of Tyre Pumps

There are three types of tyre pumps to choose from. Which one you choose depends on which one your prefer. There is the foot tyre pump which is a pump that is used by your left or right foot and sits on the ground.

You pump it manually using your foot on the foot lever on the pump by depressing it up and down until you reach the desired pressure you want. You test this with a manual tyre pressure gauge you have included in your tool kit.

The next option is a hand pump which is pumped by using your arms in an up and down motion. This pump usually has two flaps on it to put your feet on to hold the pump in place while pumping up the tyre to the desired pressure needed.

The final option is an electric twelve volt pump that works of your battery or has a re chargeable battery. This particular pump has a mini compressor on it to pump up your tyre while connected to the battery in your vehicle or a rechargeable battery within itself.

This is the most desirable way as no work is required by you to pump up the tire to its desired pressure which is checked with a tyre pressure gauge. Some of the rechargeable pumps have a tire pressure gauge on them and can be set to the correct pressure..

Why Have a Tyre Pump

There are multiple reasons for having a tyre pump in your emergency tool kit. The first is being stuck some where and having to change a tyre on the side of the road to only find out that the spare you have is also flat. This is a most embarrassing situation to be in when this happens and it does happen.

But when you have tyre pump in your emergency kit you are back on the road and heading towards your camping trip with minimal interruption. The other reason is to be prepared for this unlikely situation which you can deal with more quickly than having to wait around on the side of the road.

Waiting for someone to come and repair or pump up your tyre and lose precious camping time all because you where not prepared for this situation. Another reason is when you have your own tyre pump you can check that the pressures on all your tyres are correct when you are at your camping destination.

This alleviates the need to check your pressures at a gas station to a place where you don't have to rush. You can take your time and check your tire pressures when it suits you.    

Other Uses For a Tyre Pump

The best pump is a electric rechargeable pump that is small but can be hand held and used for multiple situations. Like if you have a floatable it can be used to pump it up. 

It can also be used so you can pump up  bicycle tires or motor bike tyres or a simple ball to kick around for fun. You want a electric pump that is flexible and easy to use on a multiple number of things.

Making this pump a handy tool and a necessity for any camping trip when taking toys along as well. If children are along and they want to camp outside in a tent then your pump can be used to pump up air beds so that the children can have a comfortable nights sleep.

Your hand held pump has more uses than just pumping up tyres and makes the camping trip that much more enjoyable for all who  participate in your camping adventure. 

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