Truck Insurance For Big or Small Trucks And Trailers

Truck insurance for both big and small trucks that maybe towing a travel trailer behind them. Some companies don't handle this type of insurance while others do under commercial insurance so it becomes a bit more difficult to get the correct policy for the insurance you need.

They predominately handle car insurance some may have commercial vehicle insurance. It is unlikely to be what you want which is insurance for your recreational vehicle. They will do caravans and trailers as well but these are not commercial.

If your truck is over four tonne then it is deemed a commercial vehicle whether used privately or commercially. This is due to the weight of the vehicle. If your truck is under 3.5 tonne then it is a personal vehicle and can be insured under the common car insurance policy. .

Weight Difference

The difference is in the weight of the vehicle and is the same for the caravan or travel trailer as well. Vehicles and travel trailer over 3.5 tonne are treated differently.

In New Zealand these vehicles in this weight class and above are inspected under a certificate of fitness instead of the warrant of fitness which applies to all vehicles under 3.5 tonne.

The difference changes the class of insurance it is under whether personal or commercial with personal use. This is how it is in this country. I am not sure how this applies in other countries. They may have different rules which are probably not much different from here  or they may be completely different and may vary from country to country.  

 Personal or Commercial

I would speculate that the criteria for truck insurance would be under either personal or commercial depending on the tare weight of the truck. This would mean a truck and trailer would be worth more and more expensive to insure.

The truck above the weight standard would still be insured for total loss caused by an accident or theft. So items in the truck may be insured separately or can be negotiated into the existing policy. There isn't any doubt that  truck insurance is a little more technical than insuring the car you have.

when approaching an insurer make sure they give you the correct insurance. This can be done by giving them your truck registration plate number which will bring up the details about the vehicle so that they can give you the proper advice on what insurance is appropriate.  

Other Things To Consider

Having truck insurance is a necessary expense to protect against full loss of the vehicle due to a severe accident and the theft of the truck while parked. Both can produce total loss which is something you do not want so insuring the vehicle is essential.

Another possibility is vandalism where your truck is damage because it was in the wrong place where a local disturbance is going on which you are unaware of. This can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage or render you truck a total right off if it has been set a light. So make sure that vandalism is included in the policy because you never know when you may need it.

Another one is earthquake damage where your truck is parked next to a building when a severe earthquake strikes and rubble from the building fall onto your truck severely damaging it or righting it off. Storms are another risk as well as twisters which wreck anything within their sucking path.  So keep these things in mind when getting truck insurance.

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