Travel Trailers For Sale Buyers Beware

Why travel trailers for sale buyers beware? It is because problems and faults in any make of travel trailer may not be obvious when purchasing. The faults that are there are there to be discovered later, and some of them can be expensive to fix. I am talking about thousands of dollars here on top of the purchase price.

Faults Built In

I am not saying this affects all travel trailers for sale but it does affect most. The reason is the way they are built. The problems and faults are built in. The mistakes start with the design. If you are looking to live in one of these trailers full time I would say don't. It is not going to be as good as a house nor is it going to last as long either. 

With that being said no one who is selling these trailers is going to inform you that you could end up with a faulty trailer. The reason for this is obvious it would be bad for their business and their bottom line to tell you the truth. 

In some cases the ones selling know of the problems and faults. But once again even if you ask they are going to avoid the truth. This is especially true when dealing with a travel trailer for sale privately. These people want to pass their problem on to someone else who is unaware of the hidden faults.

There is no honesty and integrity in commerce. Why because losing is a bad thing isn't it. In this case telling the truth means you are stuck with the problems and have to fix them at your cost. This is something most will avoid especially if it costs thousands of dollars to fix and is obvious. 

Limited Warranty not Unlimited

All these manufacturers make their travel trailers the same way with some slight variations. The best guarantee which is limited is not on an American travel trailer for sale. The best you can get is two years limited warranty from any US manufacturer. Most only do twelve months. I would have liked to have known what I know now so as to avoid the mistake of buying an American second hand travel trailer for sale. 

Travel trailers for sale in North America:

Thor travel trailers 

Berkshire Hathaway

•  REV Group



• Oliver Trailer

• Scamp Travel Trailers

• Trillium Travel Trailer

Unfortunately where I live there is no travel trailer manufacturer. So i have to buy a used travel trailer for sale which has been imported from overseas from North America with the 5th wheels and Great Britain and Europe for the the travel trailers or caravans.  

With the 5th wheels from North America being that it is left hand drive over there the entry door is on the wrong side. This is because we drive on the right side of the road which means the door on the American 5th wheel faces into the center of the road instead of at the curb where it should be .

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