Travel Trailer Mattress Which One Do You Prefer?

A travel trailer mattress comes in different sizes styles and materials. Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference plus the best one that suits your travel trailer. Choosing between a foam, latex or inner spring mattress depends on which one you prefer and offers the most advantages like comfort, size and usability when on a vacation.

if you are on your own you may only need a single travel trailer mattress instead of a double or queen size mattress. You may be in the market for a mattress but are working to a budget where you can only afford a certain type of mattress in a certain price range. This would probably be foam or latex mattress which would suit your budget.

: A Simple Choice You Would Think?

With so many to choose from it really comes down to a decision of what suits your travel trailer and how comfortable the travel trailer mattress is to lie on. Is it to soft or to hard and does it fit in the space your travel trailer has.

Is it light or heavy when moving it around or removing it completely to get at storage space underneath the bed. Can it be lifted easily by one person or are two people required. These things all have to be taken into account when it is time to replace a worn out travel trailer mattress.

Most people will try to replace there old mattress with the same mattress that they already have but sometimes this brand of mattress is unavailable and another choice must be made in this situation. 

What Are The Best Brands?

This is something where price and popularity comes into play as you weigh up which mattress you prefer. Some of the best brands are the ones that are going to last and this is usually the solid foam mattress which in some cases is made of memory foam which molds to the shape of your body giving a more restful sleep plus having the benefit of being cooler in the warmer weather. 

Some brands are:

• Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress 

• Memory Foam Mattress which is the best value RV mattress.

• Serenia Sleep Memory Foam RV Mattress which is the best luxury RV mattress.

• Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress which is the best cooling RV mattress.

• Parklane Mattresses which from the range is the Explorer RV mattress

• Live & Sleep Resort Classic which from the range is the RV short queen memory foam mattress 

• American Mattress Company which from the range is the 8" Graphite Infused memory foam mattress

• Perfect Cloud Ultra Plush Gel-Max memory foam mattress 

• Sleep Master memory foam RV mattress

This a sampling of the best brands available and in most cases you can pick these up on Amazon who will deliver it to your door where possible. There are some cases where this is to expensive but most of the time Amazon aims to please and deliver excellent service to their customers including delivery in a timely fashion. 

Common Travel Trailer Mattress Sizes

The variety of travel trailer mattresses vary in size due to the space that is available inside your travel trailer or caravan. Once you know your general size then it is just a question of finding that size which will be part of the common sizes available.

Here are the most common sizes:

• Three Quarter Size : 48" x 75" mattress

• RV Full: 53" x 75" standard full size mattress

• Short Queen : 60" x 75" which is the most common queen size mattress

• Short Queen: 60" x 74" which is slightly smaller than the common queen size mattress

• RV Queen : 60" x 80" larger queen mattress

• Olympic Queen : 66" x 80" extra large for a big travel trailer

• RV King: 72" x 75" single mattress

• RV King: 72" x 80" larger single mattress

These are the most common sizes available that you can chose from. It all depends on the size of the area that the mattress has to fit into as to whether it will be editable for your travel trailer. In most cases though one of these sizes mentioned above will do the job you want it to do for you.

Another option

If you decide that one of these sizes is to expensive then you can always buy a standard size and then cut it down so it fits nicely. Of course this will not work with an inner sprung mattress as its design is quite different from a full foam mattress which you can cut down to what you require.

If you decide on an inner spring mattress then you are going to have to pay the price for that travel trailer mattress. But if you do not mind a foam mattress then you can save yourself some money by cutting down a standard house bedroom mattress to fit in your travel trailer space. This is an option if you are on a tight budget. 

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