Travel Trailer Manufacturers That Create Your Dream

Travel trailer manufacturers are there to turn your dream into reality for a profit. This is their job and what they spend their time doing.  They create the dreams of the people who's dream it is to own and vacation in the RV's these travel trailer manufacturers produce.

There are many different travel trailer manufacturers or brand names which are only  owned by a few companies in North America. Ninety per cent of the market is own by three companies with many different designs and floor plans for their Rv's. Because of this it becomes a question of has the quality of these brands been maintained with the new owners or has it been standardized to increase profits.

What Do You do

That is the question which makes your choice harder. When you say to yourself I like that because it looks good but are you going to get a quality product or a quality looking product. The travel trailer looks like a quality product to your eyes but is it really just a quality looking product which is not designed to last.

The same applies to all the brands owned by these few travel trailer manufacturers who monopolize the market making your choice much harder.

If it is quality you are looking for you are not going to find it in a quality looking trailer. Even though it does excite your eyes and does seem to satisfy your requirements.

So what are you to do when these companies have standardized production. They have lowered quality so they can make larger profits in areas that you cannot see. A quality trailer is expensive and costs more to manufacturer but it lasts three to four times longer than a quality looking trailer. 

The Major Manufacturers in North America

My only thought with this kind of monopoly is that they intend to cover every budget possible but in so doing deceive the customer into believing they are getting a quality product when this is not the case. They are in business for the highest possible return on their investment and so if they have to cheapen the product to get that they will do it.

Another innovative company needs to come up who is a manufacturer with a innovative way of making travel trailers where the quality is not compromised for profits. High profits are made because the manufacturing techniques are innovative and produce a high quality product that lasts. This is what is need in the North American market today.

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