Travel Trailer Jacks Why Do You Need Them?

Travel trailer jacks why do you need them? This is a good question and the reason is that you need them to one stabilize your travel trailer and two you need them to change a flat tire on your trailer from time to time. These are the two obvious reasons because there is nothing worse than being caught with the wrong jack when you are on the road.

You get a flat tire and you only have a car jack which just won't lift a fully loaded travel trailer no matter what you do because  it weighs to much and just ends up braking or bending your Jack. When this happens you are left on the side of the road having to call someone to come and fix your tire who has the right equipment to do the job for you.

As you know this is costly and the wrong thing to do. Another thing is not checking your spare tire and keeping it pumped up to it's correct pressure. Neglecting this is a good idea because when you do change the wheel you find yourself no better off when you discover that your spare tire is flat also. This happens more often than you may think , so it pays to be prepared by having travel trailer jacks on hand and your spare tire always pumped up. 

Types of Travel Trailer Jacks

There are different types of travel trailer jacks available where you choose what you need. There are plenty to choose from which could be for either changing tires or stabilizing your travel trailer so it is level and still.

There are others that just stabilize your wheels so they do not move. This is especially the case when you have a dual axle travel trailer that is parked on a incline.

If you need a jack for changing  a flat tire then all you need do is make sure you have a travel trailer jack that can handle the extra weight. Bigger is always better so a three ton jack is probably enough to lift the side of your travel trailer to change a flat tire you may have.

These travel trailer jacks will not fail on you like a normal small car jack would but will take the load without causing any problems to you. This will allow you to change your flat tire quickly and effectively.

The other type of travel trailer jacks may be necessary if the travel trailer jacks you have are on their last legs and need changing then a new set to stabilize the travel trailer will improve stability. Of course how stable they will be will depend on how much importance you place on your travel trailer being extremely stable when parked up during a vacation.   

 What Are The Best Travel Trailer Jacks

One of the best travel trailer jacks for changing a wheel on your travel trailer is a universal stand and jack as one unit. This you will find is great for changing a flat tire on both your travel trailer and your towing vehicle. Why, because the jack and the stand are one unit instead of two separate units.

You will find this jack is so much easier to use and saves you time from using a standard system where both the jack and the stand have to be placed separately. With a separate jack and stand you need two points of contact one for the jack and the other for the stand.

This maybe difficult if the jacking point does not have the room and so the universal jack and stand solves this problem. It also alleviates any possible damage especially to your towing vehicle when a flat occurs.  Of course this is for flat tires and is not to stabilize your travel trailer.

Travel trailer jacks that you would  use for this are for a different purpose to stop your travel trailer from moving around when parked. The best ones you will find to do this are the ones that are fixed to the frame of your travel trailer. This is  because movement is removed at the point where the jacks are mounted on the frame making for a very stable unit on the ground.

This is what you would want stabilizer travel trailer jacks to do for your travel trailer. You would not like it to be moving all over the place when you are walking around inside your travel trailer. So a good stabilizer system is necessary to reduce the movement to the absolute minimum. 

• Power-built 6000 lb Uni-jack for tire changes

Stabilizer Jacks for travel trailers

• Eaz-Lift 24" RV Stabilizing Scissor Jacks

• LIBRA four True 7500 lb Heavy Duty 24" RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks .

Do You Really Need Travel Trailer Jacks

The answer is you would for to very good reasons which may not be obvious to you. These reasons are number one for reasons of comfort to keep your travel trailer stable so you do not get stressed out and two the convenience as you would hate to have the wrong jack when you need to change a flat tire.

Neither of these reasons are something you can do without especially when others are along on a vacation with you. You do not want to suffer the embarrassment of not having the right tools to deal with a situation quickly and easily which makes your vacation less stressful.

It is also makes your vacation much more enjoyable instead of being stuck on the side of the road waiting for someone to come and change you tire. The other thing is of course is to have cheap stabilizers which are not fastened to the travel trailer frame.

These do not lessen the movement as much as the ones that are attached to the frame. These travel trailer jacks have a lot of flexibility to them which leads to quite a bit of movement because they are not fastened to the frame.

You would definitely notice this when changing from unfastened to the frame to fastened stabilizer travel trailer jacks. If you change to the frame fastened jacks you would definitely be much happier because the movement is considerably less than when they are not fastened to the travel trailer frame.

Where Can I Get Travel Trailer Jacks

This is dependent on whether you want a travel trailer jack to lift your travel trailer to change a tire in which case the  best and cheapest place is to order one off of They have a large variety to choose from at their online store which you can look at from the comfort of your own home.

There is no stress of having to drive to a store and then having to wait in line to make your purchase. At the Amazon online store you are always first in line and they are working on improving delivery times all the time.

The only draw backs with this is that you cannot touch what you want to purchase nor can you pay and carry out your purchase with you. Also you always have to pay electronically not with cash. But if you want to pay the least then this is the way to go if the shipping is free of course.

The best trailer jack which saves double handling is the Power-built uni- jack which has the stand and the jack together as one package. This stand is adjustable to put up or down with a pin through holes in the box steel which is movable. After removing the slide in and out pin that goes through the box section on the stand and the movable shaft can go up and down. 

With the travel trailer jacks which are used to stabilize your travel trailer when on vacation, then the best option is the fitted stabilizer travel trailer jacks. Why, because these hold your travel trailer much more stable than the unattached portable ones do.

So with these it is best to get them professionally fitted for safety and keep within regulations when you get your travel trailer certified. This is of course a lot more expensive than fitting some travel trailer jacks you purchased on Amazon yourself if you are capable.

But if you want to be safe then getting them fitted by a regulated installer is the best way to go if you do not want the hassle of fitting them yourself. But in most cases when you buy a travel trailer the travel trailer jacks are a standard fitting and are already there to use when you are on vacation.

Final Thoughts on Travel Trailer Jacks

You may not like purchasing at an online store but prefer to go to a local store where you can get someone to show you what they have and to recommend what would be the best purchase for your situation. This is of course personal preference as to where you buy travel trailers jacks from and whether you have them fitted or fit them yourself. 

There is no really right or wrong answer to this as it really does come down to your personal choice as there are lots of jacks to choose from and you may not like what I recommend. Your budget will also effect what you will finally choose and be comfortable with in the long run.

I haven't recommended any particular brand of fixed stabilizer travel trailer jacks because all you need to know is what type of stabilizer jacks you need. These are the fitted or fixed to the frame of your travel trailer.

Any way most travel trailers have them fitted as a standard fitting from new. Which means you only have to buy new ones if you forgot to retract them and brake them or they are worn out so that they have to be replaced.  

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