Travel Trailer Accessories For Your RV

Travel trailer accessories are a necessary part of your travel trailer experience. Some can make your trips away way less fun when leaving home without them on board. It is not until you go on a longer than usual outback camping trip that you learn this and have to cut your trip short to go plug in at a camping site where you have to pay to recharge your batteries.  

When the trip is over and you get back home and you cannot put your travel trailer undercover then other accessories enter the scene to protect your investment. There are a few accessories we need to keep our trailer as road ready as we can until the next trip away.

Necessay Accessories

If you are living in a travel trailer full time then you learn pretty quickly exactly what travel trailer accessories you need. Full time makes these accessories a must have a necessity when on the road full time. Here is a list of some of the accessories that are a necessity to you and an accessory to another.  

Honda generator

Large spanners and sockets

Extra sewage and wastewater hosing

Tyre pump

Fiamma bike rack

Travel trailer jacks

• Camper tie downs

• Travel trailer covers

• Reversing camera

• automatic step lighting

• Wheel chocks 

Other Accessories

There are a lot of other travel trailer accessories that are needed later when something wears out and has to be replaced like, a new awning for instance. There are also accessories to upgrade things on your travel trailer as well like beefing up the suspension and shock absorbers. These are a small part of what can be added to your RV. 

So what is recommended, in the list, is only a general overview only.These may not be exactly what are the required travel trailer accessories. So you may have to add to it. If you have a fifth wheel and you may want better tires for a better ride. So to protect them you may want to fit an automated tire pressure system to ad longevity to your expensive tires. 

Fancy Accessories

This is so you know when your tire pressures are getting lower than they should be giving you a warning of this. This kind of accessory is over the top in my opinion.

It is probably cheaper to have a hand pressure gauge and to check your tyre pressures regularly say once a week. Anyway half the time these expensive systems cause problems and do not work as they should.

The fancy accessories can be added too like the bigger screen televisions and surround sound systems. This, of course, is more expensive and is a bigger drain on your power system. It is completely fine if you are plugged in at a travel trailer park you just have to consider your neighbour or run off a generator when in use to recharge your batteries.  

Other accessories you may want to consider are more reflectors if you have a long travel trailer or fifth wheel. If you have an older RV you might also want to swap out DC lights for LED lights to save on power usage. These are all extra accessories you may want to consider to make your travel trailer experience much more user-friendly and safe. 

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