Trailer Hitch Locks a Thieves Deterant 

Trailer hitch locks a deterant against thieves and a way to protect your travel trailer from disappearing when you are not around. You see there is more to just losing your travel trailer there is all the possession you have inside as well.

Losing the contents can be more devastating especially if you have a lot of sentimental stuff on board. Some of it can be priceless to you and your loved ones so having this happen is not the ideal at all.

Trailer hitch locks will act as a to hard to steal obstacle to a would be opportunist who would like to relieve you of your travel trailer if the opportunity presents itself and it is also a trailer they are looking for then you will have a big problem if you are not prepared. 

So it always pays to be prepared for this kind of an event ahead of time so you are not inconvenience by it. You do not want to have great day ruined by coming back to where you left your travel trailer only to find it gone.

Trailer Hitch Locks Pros And Cons

With trailer hitch locks there are pros and cons for the cheaper ones against the more expensive hitch locks. The pros for the cheaper ones are that they are cheap but the down side will be that these hitch locks may not perform as well in extreme weather causing problems with locking and unlocking once corrosion sets in.

This happens because the finish does not hold up against nicks and harsh treatment. These hitch locks are powder coated or spray painted to reduce the cost of production. The cons are they have a shorter life than the more expensive hitch locks and they maybe more easily to foil as well.

The pros for the dearer ones are that they have more robust finish being mainly chromed steel or even spray painted galvanized steel for a longer life and resistance against being foiled than the cheaper hitch locks. the cheaper locks are made of inferior metals that usually will not hold up under a serious attack.

The locking mechanism is a lot more robust and setup to be resistant against corrosion making the locking mechanism stiff and sticky to lock and unlock. Some of the cheaper models of trailer hitch locks use the same lock and keys for all their hitch locks available a definitive con against those makes of hitch locks that do this. 

Trailer Hitch Locks To Choose From

 It is hard to choose a trailer hitch lock because there are so many to choose from. The trouble is not all trailer hitch locks are suitable for travel trailers and fifth wheels but are only for small load carrying trailers. These trailer locks are a lot cheaper than the ones made to protect your travel trailer. I

s purchasing one of these cheap locks worth risking losing your RV. The best option is to get a RV lock that is made to protect your investment rather than going cheap that could and would end up costing thousands in the long run.

So this means that you are much better going with a travel trailer hitch lock that is for travel trailer and are really hard to beat. Making a would be thief go somewhere else which is what you want so that your trailer is still there where you left it.     

Four travel trailer hitch locks suitable for travel trailers:

• AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/trailer coupler lock 



• AMPLOCK U-TLS2 Trailer Coupler Lock/RV Lock 

Which Trailer Hitch Locks Are The Best

The obvious answer to this are the ones that state they are for RV's or travel trailers. There is is one hitch lock that does not say this even though it is suitable for an RV or travel trailer. These hitch locks are those made by Proven Industries which are a heavy duty lock design to make it very difficult for a thief to break it.

These locks are made from hardened quarter inch steel which is impossible to bend with a crow bar or damage with a sledge hammer. The only way to beat these trailer hitch locks is with a battery operated angle grinder with a cutting disc on it.

This would be extremely noisy and would definitely attract attention which is something a would be thief would not want to do. These are the kind of trailer hitch locks you want to use to protect your possessions and travel trailer with.

They maybe more expensive but they are worth it in the long run because they protect your trailer from going missing. These types of RV hitch locks, which are made for protecting travel trailers, are the best way to go by far.

They take away the worry of an unwanted and inconvenient loss which you would rather not have. So think about what you will lose if you go cheap on this. 

Trailer Hitch Locks Made by Proven Industries

Trailer hitch locks that are made by Proven Industries are the best trailer hitch locks on the market. They use heavy quarter inch hardened steel to hold the integrity of these extremely well made locks.

The sign of quality is in the weight of these locks showing that they have not been made of cheaper lower grade metals that are easy to break into. The design has been well thought out so that it is extremely difficult for a thief to break without making a lot of noise which most thieves do not want to do. 

Noise attracts attention to what they are doing which could bring the law crashing down on them in short order which they do not want.

Here are the trailer hitch lock models made by Proven Industries:

• Model 2516 will only fit 2 5/16th inch couplers

• Model 2178 will only fit 2 inch couplers

• Model 2516AS will only fit Airstream trailers

• Model 2178-8 will only fit 2 inch Bulldog couplers

• Model 2516-B will fit all 2 5/16th inch Bulldog couplers

• Model 2178-U will only fit 2 inch UFP couplers

Final Thoughts on Trailer Hitch Locks

Trailer hitch locks are such a small thing to consider. Ask someone who either did not have one or who brought a cheap one and lost their travel trailer with everything in it. They would say they wished they had taken the time to either purchase the correct lock to protect their possessions they lost.

This is what you need to think about here the loss you are going to have to take because you did not think it would happen to you. Because you did not like the expense and so bought a cheap one which was beaten very quickly by a thief causing you to wish you had spent the extra dollars to protect your investment.

So to be honest spend the extra to protect yourself so you do not have to live with regret. It will be worth it in the long run and will give you peace of mind knowing that if a potential thief tries to take your trailer it is going to be extremely difficult for them. The effect you want to have on them is that they will give up before they even start and move onto a more opportune situation.  

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