Thor Travel Trailers Used Not New

Thor travel trailers have been around for a while. Because of this they have acquired other manufacturers of travel trailers but have kept the name of those travel trailer makers. So most but not all think they are buying from that manufacturer when in reality it is owned by Thor Industries. This means there are alot of Thor trailers out there in the market place hiding under another name.

A Problem

With this comes a problem that most are unaware of and that is, can you be sure that you are going to get the same quality as when the company was small. My thoughts are probably not. What this means is the used travel trailers are not going to up to scratch either. You will probably find a lot of these trailers have been traded for something else. 

These used travel trailers are made by Thor Industries new:

• Airstream               • Breckenridge

• CrossRoads RV     • Cruiser RV

• DRV                          • Dutchmen RV

• Entegra                   • Heartland RV

• Highland Ridge     • Jayco

• Keystone RV          • KZ RV

• Livin Lite RV           • Redwood RV

• Starcraft RV            •  Venture RV

Unregulated Industry

This is the sad reality in a largely unregulated industry that can pretty much do as it pleases. They wow customers who are easily fooled by appearances. They say that their trailers are the best and are of the highest quality and when you look at them it seems to be true. It is not until some time later after purchasing one of the used Thor travel trailers that you find out the truth.

There is alot of things that those in the industry will not tell you. For example ask them if they own what they sell. You will be surprised at the answer you get. Most of the time the people selling travel trailers know next to nothing about them and whether what they are trying to sell you suits your needs and is built using high quality materials. 

Buyer  Beware

This is also another sad reality today people selling products they know very little about.  You would think they would take the time to learn about what they sell but seriously they don't. If they did they would be able to match a travel trailer to the buyers needs instead of trying to sell you something that is unsuitable and of poor quality. 

The caveart is buyer beware which means you better know everything you need to know about Thor travel trailers that are used before you sign the contract. There maybe some hidden faults in that travel trailer that may not show up until later after any warranty has expired. So it is up to you to do your due diligence first before settling on any travel trailer.

The reason for this is because the dealer may not be aware of any hidden faults unless they are obvious. A private seller may know about any hidden faults but they are not going to tell you the buyer. The reason for this is because they are trying to get their money back from you if they can get away with it.

Take Your Time

Do not throw caution to the wind but instead take your time when looking at Thor travel trailers because you have to live with your choice for a long time. It is an important decision that costs so make your choice after you are satisfied with what you have learned in the process. But also remember that people have still been caught out even after being very careful.

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