A Thor Travel Trailer For Sale Approach with Caution

Many a Thor travel trailer for sale adds up to around forty-eight percent of the total market in the US. With this in mind, it means that half of all the travel trailers for sale are a Thor travel trailer. The reputation of the brand name is being used to hide this fact. Trusting the brand name and its hard-earned reputation is no longer the right thing to do. 

Manufacturing Techniques

You the unsuspecting customer who is looking for your dream rv do not realise that things have changed and those previous manufacturing techniques may have been changed to maximize profits for the new owner. Will you be told that standards have changed? If they say anything it will be positive to improve the overall quality of the finished product which may or may not be true. 

My tendency is to think that they will say anything to disguise the truth that they have standardised production to improve output and therefore profits. This is why it is buyer beware today because big companies only care about big profits which is OK as long as standards are not sacrificed and lowered in the process. 

This means a quality looking travel trailer is produced not a quality travel trailer. The two are quite different so you have to be careful when looking at a Thor travel trailer for sale.  This  is whether new or used.

Brands of travel trailers for sale made by Thor Industries new or used:

• Airstream                     • Breckenridge

• CrossRoads RV           • Cruiser RV

• DRV                                • Dutchmen RV

• Entegra                          • Heartland RV

• Highland Ridge            • Jayco

• Keystone RV                 • KZ RV

• Livin Lite RV                  • Redwood RV

• Starcraft RV                  • Venture RV

Harder to Find a Quality Travel Trailer

It is getting harder and harder to find a quality travel trailer. This is due to these big companies buying out the competition and then standardizing their production to increase profits. This comes at the expense of quality. Of course, you will never realise or see where they have cut costs when you look at a new trailer. 

It is dazzling to the eye and completely mesmerizing raising your desire to want one because you are so impressed. But all said an done this is a quality looking travel trailer, not a quality travel trailer where standards have not been lowered to increase profits. A quality travel trailer may be more expensive but the quality is noticeable when you know what to look for. 

Become More Knowledgeable

This is why today you the customer has to be more knowledgeable when looking for your dream RV. Otherwise, you will end up with something you did not expect a quality looking trailer which may not last as long as you thought.

This is a real concern when more and more people want to live fulltime in these travel trailers. If this is you do not think that a thor travel trailer for sale is going to last the same length of time as a house. When comparing them to a house you are going to be shocked at how quickly these trailers degrade. When you go look for another one you are going to be shocked again when you trade your older travel trailer in for a new one.  

This is the reality of buying a travel trailer to live in. If you are going to go this way you want to do it right the first time. Purchase a quality trailer that is going to last beyond the twenty and even thirty-year mark.

A travel trailer to live in should last in my mind fifty plus years without a lot of expensive repairs along the way. A quality built travel trailer should give you this but will also be more costly to buy at the beginning. You may pay up front but you will be better of over time with a lot less repairs being needed to be done.

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