Thor Industries Can They Be Trusted

Thor Industries is the biggest producer of RV trailers in the market in North America. They have purchased many travel trailer manufacturers over time but have not changed the original name. Thor has chosen to trade under the original name. This is fine if the quality of production and its standards have not changed but got better.

Increase Share Price

My thinking with a big company like this is that it has bought the companies and then changed things in areas where you cannot see. The reason for this is the pressure to please shareholders.

This is why this happens to boost profits and increase the price of shares at the cost to the customer in the long run. Thor Industries only give a maximum ofone to two years limited warranty after which it is your problem, not theirs.

We would all like to believe that we can get value for what we pay for. This is something that most would think. You have to remember these people who produce travel trailers are in business for profits.

Thor Industries are not going to lose while doing this so cuts in some areas are made to maintain profits or prices are raised. What you the client get is a quality looking travel trailer rather than a quality trailer which costs a lot more to produce.

But you don't want quality you want the best looking travel trailer for the best price. With this distinction comes problems you don't really want. This is how you deceive yourself into believing you are getting the best value for what you pay for when the truth is you are not.

A Shock

This comes as a shock to you because of what you have been taught to believe is true. When in fact this belief serves those who produce travel trailers very nicely. They get to have great profits for something that is only a quality looking trailer that you are sold on.

This is unfortunate for those who have made it their dream to own a Thor travel trailer not realizing this is how things really are.  If Thor Industries produced a top notch product then there would be no need for this page at all. They are there for the profits they can make from the innocent public who do not understand the way they do business. 

Brands Owned by Thor Industries:


• Breckenbridge

• Corssroads RV

• Cruiser RV


• Dutchman

• Entegra

• Heartland RV

• Highland Ridge

• Jayco

• Keystone RV


• Livin'lite RV

• Redwood RV

• Starcraft RV

• Venture RV

Sixteen Brands

That is sixteen brand names all owned by Thor industries who all make travel trailers for you the customer. All these brands produce one thing travel trailers. So this would then mean that if one was to expensive for you another maybe just the right price you are prepared to pay for.

You think you have bought from someone else when in reality both companies are owned by Thor Industries. This to me is an unethical way to do business. Tricking the client to believe when they go purchase another brand that, that brand belongs to someone else when in fact it belongs to the same company. But of course, you are never told this until now.

Larger Choice

But that being said there is the fact that you are being given a large choice with different price ranges that suit your particular budget. The large range allows for this to naturally occur for you.

Quality may be a problem later on but in the short term everything is to what you can afford and the travel trailer looks fantastic especially when new plus it has a twelve to twenty-four month warranty on it. All the standard things are in play like trade-ins, financing, servicing, parts and all the legal requirements are taken care of especially if you buy from an authorised dealer.

What I have tried to do for you on this page is to give you as many facts as I can. After that, it is up to you to do your own due diligence before you decide to purchase a Thor travel trailer.

It is better to have some knowledge about the company who produce Thor travel trailers than to be totally ignorant on how they work. Your dream RV is important to you and you alone so make sure you make an informed choice.

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