Thor Fifth Wheels Are They Built To Last

Thor fifth wheels are produced using the cheapest materials they can get away with. They are built in the least amount of time as possible. This sets up some questions on whether these 5th wheel trailers will still be on the road in fifteen to twenty years.

In reality it will probablely be no to that. This is the way it is in a throw away society. You end up with a throw away trailer that falls to bits on you later on down the road. This is really unacceptable considering the large amount you pay for one of these trailers.

Your Dream

How does this affect you who have a dream of owning one of these Thor fifth wheels. Well if you buy new you have to understand it is going to have things wrong with it from the time you tow it off the yard.

The faults are built in so their is no getting around this. You have to make allowances that your new trailer will be back at the dealer getting repaired.

You look at these 5th wheels and are wowed by what you see but you have no idea what is lerking in the places you cannot see. The company who makes these also knows this and cuts to the bare essentials in these areas. Of course you the customer are not told this.

You are told and it is confirmed by what you see that their 5th wheels are the best on the market. The problem is with this is that all the makers and dealers say the same thing which makes it hard for you the buyer to actually prove what they are saying is true. 

Fifth wheels made by Thor: 

• Cruiser RV

• Crossroads


• Dutchman

• Heartland

• Highland Ridge 

• Jayco

• Keystone

• KZ

• Livin'Lite Camperlite fifth wheels 

• Redwood RV

• Starecraft 5th wheel

Quality Looking Travel Trailer

You end up with a quality looking trailer not a quality trailer. A quality trailer will out last the quality looking trailer by up to four times. What does this mean? It means that a quality trailer will last up to sixty plus years and then can be renovated to go beyond that.

The quality looking 5th wheels have become scrap and cannot be renovated because of the lack of quality in the areas that count. They are cheaper at the beginning but expensive in the end because there longevity is much shorter. 

You Get What You Pay For

The truth is you get what you pay for has not changed. The cheapest can and is the more expensive choice in the long run. Thor fifth wheels are no exception to this rule they may be cheap but you will pay later on the longer you own one.

This is because they are a quality looking trailer designed to make the company the maximum amount of profit. Another sad reality with big companies who have share holders to please.

Used Thor Fifth Wheels

Used Thor fifth wheels may have over come the problems when new but they will develop other problems the older they get. They will also be a lot cheaper than a new one. With this the longivity will be shorter due to use and increasing problems from the way they were built.

This is something you should consider when buying a used 5th wheel. This is the cheaper route if you are able to handle the increasing maintenance and corrective fixing that must be done until it becomes unfixable and has to be scrapped.

There is no getting around this because this is how it is.Thor fifth wheels are a throw away product not a product to re-renovate like a quality trailer that has been around for a long time because it has it where it counts and lasts.

And here is the thing, you may pay more for quality but the resale value is good as well because of the proven track record of the quality product on the market. Quality lasts where poor quality does not.

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