Small Travel Trailers Are Packed With A Punch

Small travel trailers are the boutique-sized trailers that are good for a trip that is only a few days long. They are good for a several days of fishing,  hunting or just getting away. These travel trailers are small and can carry two to four people maximum.

They are a fun trailer that grweat for blobbing out while on vacation. Because they are not for fulltime living they are made for short trips. But if you are court short they can be used as a sleepover to get you through the days on holiday.


If they are made for overnight stops it is only for one or two days which is perfect for weekends away. With this comes needs for cooking, a toilet, water and power so that you can hang out for a couple of days before you must empty your tanks.

Your black water first then your grey water to flush the line clean of sewage. These single axle small travel trailers are perfect for this kind of thing as long as you do not overload the trailer. Keep it to two to four people maximum here otherwise you will use up your tanks very quickly as well as your supplies. You will also overload your travel trailer which is not ideal.

Because these small travel trailers are for the weekend warrior they are made small and are usually considerably cheaper than a vacation trailer where you could live for up to four weeks at a stretch or longer. This is not possible with a small trailer or caravan unless you like to put it to the test.

Unless of course you are willing to go full your water tank and empty your black and grey water tanks every two to three days. That is of course assuming you have these in the first place because some trailers do not.

Small travel trailers: 

Burro travel trailers

Bigfoot travel trailer

Hi-lo travel trailers

Casita travel trailer

Scamp travel trailers

• Spree travel trailers

• Traimanor travel trailers

Amenities On Board

Of course, some of these small travel trailers are a condensed version of the larger travel trailers and have most of the amenities on board. They are compact so there is not much room inside of them. Small can be a plus if cost is important and your budget will not accommodate a larger travel trailer.

They are a single axle unit usually and they tow very nicely behind a standard car or SUV. The idea is a few days at the beach or on a fishing trip or a few days hunting. This is what a small travel trailer is for short trips away nothing to long. An enjoyable one to four days maximum.  

Several Types

There are several types of small travel trailer you can buy. There is the single molded travel trailer which is usually done in a fiberglass mold. Everything is cut out afterwards. All the windows and vents are all cut out when the body comes out of the mold. The next type is a popup type on a trailer base.

These travel trailers are inexpensive especially secondhand. They fold out into a tent made of canvas which is waterproofed. So there is no problems when it rains. Some popups also pop out to make two single beds on each side of the trailer. Some have a double bed at one end and a single at the other end.

Next is the teardrop trailers. These trailers expand in several ways. One type has electrics that push the roof up to give more head or standing room inside the Trailer. The innovation in design squeezes out every bit of space to its maximum potential. Small travel trailers have their place and fulfill a need in the market that the larger trailers cannot fill.

Otherwise, there would be no need for them. People buy them for many different reasons and use them to satisfy the many different reasons there are to purchase one. The two major reasons are size and price. They are small so are easy to move around and can be put into a small space. This has appeal for those who have not got much space in the first place.


Some of these small travel trailers are still around after fifty years of use. They are an example of a quality travel trailer and can be re-renovated back to its original condition when new. This can be done because the shell is of a quality design and does not allow any penetration of any sort.

The integrity of the outer walls is impervious to heat, cold and rain giving these travel trailers the ability to be renovated. This is a sign of quality construction. They are small but they are built to last the distance which is more than I can say for some of the other travel trailers out there.

Because some of these trailers are made of fiberglass in a mold there is the risk of cracking and separation of the seam through vibration. These are the problems with fiberglass trailers. They are a quality design but at the same time watch out for these two faults.  

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