Scamp Travel Trailers Small But They Last

Scamp travel trailers small but incredibly surprising when it come to out lasting other travel trailers. The reason being is that Scamp travel trailers are not made the same way as other bigger travel trailers. The Scamp travel trailers are made in a mold. The gel coat is sprayed in first and then the fiberglass is sprayed on top of the gel coat in the mold with the resin.

The resin creates bubbles and has to be rolled with a hand roller to get rid of them. Once t fiberglass is dry then it is taken out of the mold in one piece which represents the top or bottom half of the trailer. You see the bigger trailers are not made this way. They are made of sheet which has been pressed together with a glue in between the wood sheet and the plastic sheet on the outside.

Some travel trailer manufacturers use plastic sheet and bond the two together with resin or powerful glue which is pressed together to get rid of any air bubbles that are caught between the two sheets. 

 Scamp Manufacturing Technique

The Scamp manufacturing technique produces a trailer that has no delamination problems as the larger box trailers do. This is because it is a shell made in a mold out of fiberglass which is incredibly flexible  and durable.

There is no delamination problems like in the larger box trailers and less likely hood of leaking. If there is a leak it is a lot easier to fix that in a box trailer made of sheet.  The top part of the trailer in the Scamp is fitted with some wooden supports which are completely covered with fiberglass resin to protect them from water and rotting.

The bottom part of the trailer is a skirt which is attached to a particle board base which is coated with resin to protect it from water damage. This floor is mounted on a tubular and angle iron painted steel chassis.

The Scamp travel trailers have been around since 1971 when production began. You can still find these trailers available for sale after all this time. The manufacturing technique of using a molded fiberglass system works extremely well in producing a light robust trailer that stands the test of time. 

Scamps Range of New Trailers

when Scamp started they only manufactured the one size of trailer the thirteen foot which could be towed by an average four cylinder car. This trailer had no bathroom so is only good for camping grounds where toilets are provided.

Later Scamp travel trailer began to build a sixteen foot trailer with a toilet on board which meant you could now camp anywhere for a short time. Eventually you have to empty your tanks at a dumping station plus take on twelve gallons of fresh water a full tank.

The reason for this is because the tanks holding capacity for grey water is twenty six gallons and black water is nine gallons and need emptying regularly due to the size. Next is the nineteen foot Scamp fifth wheel which is basically a sixteen foot body with a three foot nose on the front for a double bed. Otherwise everything is the same as the sixteen foot trailer.

The range is:

• 13" Standard Scamp Trailers

• 13" Deluxe Scamp Trailers  

• 16" Standard Scamp Trailers

• 16" Deluxe Scamp Trailers

• 19" Standard Fifth Wheel Trailers

• 19" Deluxe Fifth Wheel Trailers

This is the full range of Scamp travel trailers which can be altered and changed by various floor plan designs to choose from. You may also want a designed interior with extra features which is also possible if you so desire.

What Else With Scamp Travel Trailers

The scamp travel trailer comes with a industry standard limited warranty which all the other manufacturers have. The real difference with the Scamp trailers is the molded design which cannot delaminate like the flat panel box travel trailers do.

The design is durable because of the use of resin and fiberglass together with a gel outer coat to make the trailer look good. They may not look much but they have it where it counts. There is no cracking in the base because the base is resin covered particle board to protect the floor from water expansion and disintegration.

Of course this will not work if the hoses that pass through the floor leak because the drilled hole sides is raw particle board and will expand and disintegrate. This plus the cuttings in the side of the fiberglass molded body can also leaks if not sealed properly.

The to halves of the shell are tied together with fiberglass and resin making an impervious seal from the outside. The two halves come together at the center where a metal finishing band is pop riveted on to give a nice finishing touch.  

Why a Scamp trailer?

The scamp travel trailer represents a sturdy built trailer with the durability to last with the minimum amount of faults. There is know real issue with permanent damage caused by water ingress. Water ingress destroys the trailer over time and usually from within.

Also there is no problems front insects in particular termites that burrow into the wood. This is because of the shells molded construction on all Scamp trailers which virtually have no wood on the outer frame.

These trailer are extremely light weight and are easy to tow with a small car, an SUV or a pickup or utility truck even for the fifth wheel models. The Scamp travel trailers are not perfect but they are pretty close to it. You will enjoy your Scamp travel trailer for many years if you decide to purchase one.

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