RV Tires Is There Any Difference From Other Tires

RV tires for your travel trailer or 'fifth wheel may have some hidden secrets you may need to know. These tires are made for these particular vehicles because of the weight bearing capacity. These vehicles display their capacity to carry a particular load.

Load bearing tires are created to carry a maximum weight and it is recommended not to exceed that weight load to avoid premature blowouts and other tire problems. These problems can lead to an accident occurring that could have been prevented by following the recommended guidelines for the tires being used on your travel trailer or fifth wheel.

This is the thing about RV tires that most do not even consider when replacement is necessary due to normal wear a tear. RV tires have the hardest use of any tire made with maximum load being normally 100% of the time it is use.

RV Tires Steel Belt or Standard Rubber.

There are some thoughts for and against either of these choices having good and bad points. my preference is for the steel belted tire  as this tire is less prone to getting flats and to blowout as well. The reason is because the steel mess in the tires makes the tire stronger and more resistant to penetration but not totally excluded from it of course.

Because the tire has steel wire in it it allows the tire to have a longer life and to be less prone to blowout because the integrity of the tire is held in place by the steel belts. This makes the tire more robust and less likely to fail. Of course the tire will still blowout in certain conditions which are best avoided.

Full rubber or bial tires do not have these benefits and are more likely to fail and to get a flat when the RV tire is penetrated. These RV tires are no where near as robust but are cheaper so some prefer them because of this fact.

RV Tires Tread Pattern And Tire Width.

Because of the change in design from bial canvas to steel belted radial the rv tires today are one ply at the wall instead of two or three ply or greater which is how it used to be with bial canvas until the radial tire came along and changed all that.

The radial tire has a single ply wall which is strengthened by steel wire which makes the tire more robust durable and longer lasting. The wire is also at the top of the tie where the tread is supporting the load across the tread of the tire which goes as high as 10 ply or more giving it more support and making for a firmer contact with the road. 

RV tires are also slightly wider than a normal car tire which also helps the tire to distribute the load that it has to bear which is normally over its capacity which is unsafe if the tires are not maintained properly. Maintenance is not hard if it prevents a blowout that can lead to a serious accident.

RV Tires Pressure Importance.

This is the most important part of a good maintenance program is to check your rv tire pressures at least once a week and to make shore that the RV tires are not under or over the recommended pressure for the load it is carrying.

Having your RV Tires in a state of either under or over pressure increases the likely hood of a blowout which you want to avoid at all costs. One thing to add to this is to also check your spare tire if you have one because many times this gets forgotten and then is realized when the tire is needed leaving you stranded and in need of help to get back on the road again.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to maintain the correct tire pressures for your fifth wheel or travel trailer. So please for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones check your pressures on your RV tires once a week to limit the chance of disaster.

New Innovation To Make RV Tire Blowout Safer.

The innovation here is long over due and is a necessary precaution to making fifth wheel and travel trailer travel safer for everyone by preventing a catastrophic event that ends up wrecking your travel trailer.

The Idea is to have a center solid ring in the center of the rim of the tire. This does not prevent a blowout but makes it so that when the tie shreds the weight is on the center ring not on the rim.

This means no more damaged rims and is especially useful on front tires which does not apply to fifth wheels or travel trailers. But this is extremely useful in keeping the vehicle from jack knifing because of a blowout.

With this now the rim is supported by the center ring and runs on that until you come to a full stop and can swap out the remaining tire or rim. I think this is a particularly good idea that has the potential to prevent many serious accidents if adopted by fifth wheel and travel trailer owners. 

RV Tires wall cracking and other Tire Damage.

When should you replace your RV tires that is the question. Usually your mechanic will tell you when your vehicle is inspected if you need to replace your RV tires. You can take a look at your RV tires when you are checking your tire pressures for cracking cuts and chunks taken out of the wall of the RV tire.

All these threaten the integrity of the tire making it prone to failure in one way or the other. This is something you want to prevent and so it is best to replace the tire with a new one to prevent a future failure.

These things happen because we are not professional drivers and we have a tendency to run over pot holes and rub curbs which adds the chance of damage to our RV tires. We do not drive our fifth wheels and travel trailers every day so we do not allowing for these things because we are not expecting them in most cases.


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