Motor Vehicle Accident The Most Unwanted Thing Ever

A motor vehicle accident is one of the most unpleasant experiences you can go though. You will find it extremely stressful and you maybe shocked and dazed as to what has happened.

When you have a travel trailer involved along with the towing vehicle then insurance of both the towing vehicle and the travel trailer are a must to lower your liability to just the access on each policy.

if the accident is minor then it is just exchange details and make a claim with your insurance company.

More Serious Motor Vehicle Accident

If the motor vehicle accident is more serious then the police may be called to attend.

This means that fault will be established either at the scene of the accident or some time later.

If it is discovered that you were at fault then the police will summons you to appear in court. You will have to stand in front of a magistrate or judge to answer to the charges guilty or not guilty. 

Once the case has been heard then sentence is handed down usually a fine plus court costs. This happens if everything else is in order and nothing more serious has been discovered.

Establishing Liability In a Motor Vehicle Accident 

This is why it is better to get or give your details and then move on before the police attend. Let the insurance companies sort it out. 

But usually when you make a claim they ask on the form did the police attend. This is so that they can establish liability and who pays. The motor vehicle accident has two parties involved usually and one has to be liable for the damage caused. 

Establishing this means that the one at fault insurance company must bare the cost of the damage to their own vehicle or vehicles plus the other vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident. Sometimes it is just you who are involved and it is up to you to put in the claim.

Proper Representation In a Motor Vehicle Accident 

Motor Vehicle Accident Living in Full time 

A motor vehicle accident where a towed travel trailer was also involved can be an enormous burden on you the owner if you are living in the trailer. In this situation you the owner of the travel trailer is made temporarily homeless by the accident.

I do not know if people who are in this situation have thought this through. Being made homeless because of an accident is a real risk that needs to be managed. This is so that you who are in this situation are not tossed into the street while your travel trailer is being repaired.

If the damage is to great then you the owner may find yourself without a home to return too. This is not an ideal situation to find yourself in. 

Motor Vehicle Accident Homelessness Cover Needed 

Asking your insurance company if they will cover you in the case of being made homeless by a motor vehicle accident is incredibly necessary. This risk will become self evident as more and more people live in travel trailers fulltime.

The need for this is there for those who choose this way of life and are under this risk of being made homeless. This is even if it is for a short time and in other cases permanently because the damage was to great to repair from the accident.

Then you would receive a payout for the value of the vehicle and the travel trailer. This is of course is the worst case scenario and is not ideal by any means. 

Agreed Value For a Motor Vehicle Accident 

If you have policies for agreed value then it may not be so bad because you should be able to replace your vehicle and your travel trailer for the same or similar value.

When this happens then all that is well ends well and you are happy to be back on your travels again seeing and experiencing many amazing things that you would otherwise never see.

This is how it should end for you without fail.

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