Large Spanners and Sockets Are Needed on Long Trips

Large spanners and sockets for your travel trailer and fifth wheel are  necessary when travelling any great distance. Things with large nuts come loose on these trips and are extremely necessary if this happens.

There is nothing worse than being caught out by losing nuts and bolts and being stranded until the nuts and bolts can be replaced. If you don't carry spares and have the tools to fit them then it means a breakdown service has to be called.

This is Ok if you have the finances to afford the costs of repair which is quite a bit dearer than carrying your own spares and tools. There is also the lost time and inconvenience to consider as well.

Necessary Addition To Your Tool Kit

Large spanners and sockets are a necessary addition to your tool kit on your travel trailer and fifth wheel. Periodically you should go around with your large spanners and sockets and tighten all the nuts and bolts you have.

A particularly beneficial way of doing this is with a torque wrench. With this wrench you are able to torque up your nuts and bolts to a particular pressure in pounds per square inch. These pounds per square inch should be located in the manuals you got when you purchased your travel trailer.

Not using a torque wrench sets up nuts and bolts to be under tightened or over tightened which means they can fail more readily which is something you don't want.   

Not a Standard Set

Large spanners and sockets are larger than the sockets and spanners in a standard set. You will probably find it difficult to find these in the cheaper lines which are there for the home handyman and home mechanic. These sets only go up to a certain size which limits there use to smaller nuts and bolts.

The quality of these sets are not the best either but are adequate and cheap for the market they serve. For larger tools which are made usually for professionals you probably would not find them in Wal-mart or any other cheap retailer. These tools are found at engineering stores where clients are usually tradesmen who work on big equipment. 

Some brands are:

• Snap-on

• Stan wily

• Sidchrome

• Toptul

• Gearwrench

• King Tony

• Powerbuilt

• Koken

• Plus others

The Right Tools

Having the right tools on board is extremely important as it saves any embarrassing moments plus damage to your travel trailer, especially when you check your nut and bolts on your camper regularly. These large spanners and sockets are a must along side a standard tool kit that helps to keep you and your travel trailer safe and in good road condition.

Long service is what you want and so having these tools on board helps you achieve that end. There is a lot to be said to being prepared for unforeseen things that you do not want happening and that will disrupt your time away on the road. There is nothing worse than having your vacation away ruined because you were not prepared.

Quality Tools

I am a strong believer in having quality tools on board because you never know when you might need them. Quality tools are also best because they outlast all the cheap tools. I personally know this with a Sid-chrome set I bought in the seventies which i still have today.

That Sid-chrome set is over forty years old and still going strong. This is what I mean about buying quality tools. With quality tools you save over the long term while all of the cheap tools have long since worn out and have been thrown out. If you can afford it this is the best way to go.

Large spanners and sockets come in half or three quarter drive because of the heavier use. This prolongs the life of the wrench you use with these sockets.

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