Lance Travel Trailers Are They The Real Deal or Just Talk

Lance Travel Trailers Are They The Real Deal or Just Talk because it is not what a company says that counts but what it does. The doing can be something that will see you out of pocket all because you trusted and believed them and let down your defenses.

It makes sense to me that they would sell out to a competitor who is unaware of their reputation. You may not realize that Lance travel trailers was sold to REV group in 2018 but as to what will happen to them remains to be seen. The last time REV group[ purchased towable travel trailer  products manufacturer all the employees lost their jobs a year later.

.REV group has seven other manufacturers in its RV line but all dealing with motor homes which is not covered at this website. You are here because you want to avoid being sold a lemon travel trailer and having to suffer because people distort the truth so you will fall into their snare and remain trapped there. 

Compare Us Against The Rest Of The World

This is a bold statement which really has no merit and these people are prepared to say what ever it takes to sell travel trailers. They are certainly not going to let you know that not all is well with Lance travel trailers.

There are European manufacturers that would run rings around this American upstart who has no perception of what quality really is. You see with Lance for a start you only get a two year warranty and that is it.

With Elddis caravans you get a ten year integrity and water ingress warranty. No American manufacturer would give a water ingress warranty period and usually they only give a twelve month warranty on what they make so you have to be a lot more wary with them.

If you entertain these people you have to be aware of their tricks and be on your guard and do your due diligence. Otherwise you will be caught in the lemon trap like so many have already been before you.

Range of Models

Lance travel trailers have only two products to offer a camper that goes on the back of a lite truck or travel trailers which is what i am concerned about on this page. If you are looking to buy a Lance travel trailer then you have to do your due diligence to make sure you will get what you pay for.

You have to decide whether you want to risk purchasing a new Lance travel trailer where you have no control over the outcome of the trailer you are purchasing. You could inherit a list of problems because things where missed in production or be sold a version that is over a year old.. This sort of thing seems to be industry wide and is in need of radical change.

Range of Lance Travel trailers:

Explorer 10 models 1475, 1575, 

                                          1685, 1985, 

                                          1995, 2185, 

                                           2285, 2295, 

                                           2375 and 2465 

Manufacturing techniques

The reason Lance travel trailers suffer from the occasional drop in quality is the rush to make huge profits, This is something that is also industry wide where pressure put on staff to get out more trailers per day is increased forces them to cut corners and miss things that are important.

This ends up being picked up by the customer who is unlucky enough to inherit this travel trailer that becomes their worst nightmare. If all the trailers were inspected then this would not happen but because it does clearly shows that not all of the trailers are inspected regardless of what they say.

The drive for a light weight trailer has standardized the processes which are roll bonded with pinch rollers. This maybe light but with this comes delamination which is when the bonded wall separates from the bonded surface usually due to water ingress.

These techniques are good for manufacturers in that it makes the manufacturing process cheap to do and highly profitable. This is why the majority like this process and adopt it. When it works it works extremely well but when it doesn't it is a nightmare for the client causing nothing but problems.

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