Lance Camper Both New & Used a Part of REV Group

Lance camper is now a part of REV Group after being the latest acquisition for the group. Lance is the only travel trailer manufacturer in their stable of recreational vehicle manufacturers. Obviously the owners of Lance camper decided to exit the business by excepting the offer that was made by REV Group. 

This is something you may not be aware of due to the fact that this acquired manufacturer will still be operating under it's original name. This seems to be common practice which means in a lot of cases when you are dealing with a company the true owns maybe a different company with a different company name. 

Used Lance Campers

Used Lance campers that are still under warranty which have issues that have to be sorted may prove to be to much for the new company.  They could decide to close down this new manufacturer as they did with the Coachman trailer division in 2016. By doing this they made all of the staff unemployed overnight.

When going out to look at a Lance camper you have to have your distrust radar on high alert and not be spell bound by silver tongued salesmen. You certainly do not want to be court with a Lance lemon. 

You will be told that the Lance camper is a high quality travel trailer but my thinking is if it is such high quality then why does it only have a two year limited warranty. This is because the quality is not as great as you are told and that you have to know what to look for when looking at these travel trailers.

If you are clued up as to where the faults will be then all the promises in the world will not convince you to purchase until you have personally checked it out. Then and only then will you be able to make an informed decision on a Lance camper. 

Different New & Used Models

You may have to look for a while before you finally find a used Lance camper you are happy with and is at a price you are prepared to pay. With knowledge under your belt you can even take a look at privately owned especially if you have the cash in had.

With privately owned you can negotiate a better price than you can at a dealer. This sometimes works in your favor if the owner is desperate to sell. But of course if the owner is not desperate to sell then you may have to walk unless the trailer has something wrong with it.

Because you have established a fault and then made the owner aware of it this can create leverage.. With this method you could save up to twenty thousand dollars or more than if you purchased from a dealer.

But this is not always the case as you may find that the camper has been well looked after and is in excellent condition. If it is the best one you have looked at so far you may decide to purchase it from the owner.

New or Used Lance Campers Available:

• Explorer 10 models 1475, 1575, 

                                         1685, 1985, 

                                         1995, 2185, 

                                         2285, 2295, 

                                         2375 and 2465  

Older Lance Camper Models

With used Lance camper models there maybe a lot of older models with different names out there in the market place. There are several older models out there which  you have to be aware of that have the Lance name on them. Of course this will be the case with a manufacturer that has been around since 1965.

Be also aware that not every Lance camper is going to be faulty in fact it is probably only a small amount of these campers that you have to watch out for. You would think with a manufacturer being around for over fifty years that there product would be a high quality product and most of the time it is.

But unfortunately for the few folks that it isn't then you would wonder how they have been able to stay in business so long. This is a perplexing question but you have to realize that complaints are a part of doing business. It is really hard to make it known far and wide about a company and it's sometimes  faulty travel trailers.

This especially true when the company has the resources for marketing it's campers far and wide which the average person does not have. Complaints get lost in the noise and business of life and do not in a lot of cases hurt the companies involved in shafting their customers.  

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