Imported Eriba Caravans Only Available New In Certain Countries

Imported Eriba caravans only available new in certain countries. They maybe available else where second hand. You maybe able to purchase one of these caravans off of  e-bay uk and import it into your country.

Of course this will attract all kinds of government taxes, fees and and duties. This is done to protect the businesses that produce caravans and create employment and taxes for the government. 

But if you really want one of these caravans then there is nothing stopping you if you are prepared to pay the government fees of course. This would only be worth while if you were going to get a cheaper caravan than buying one in your own country even with the government fees.

Even if it is not cheaper the resale value of one of these caravans would be pretty close to what you would pay. But this would not matter if you wanted to have an imported Eriba caravan. 

Imported Eriba Caravans From An Authorized Dealer

If you live in country where you have an authorized dealer who is authorized to bring in new and used imported Eriba caravans. With this  you will have the opportunity to go to that dealer and have a look at these caravans to see what they are like for yourself.

You will be able to inspect them at your leisure to see if they are as their reputation suggests. Of course there will be a premium to pay that will include all the costs of getting the caravan into the country.

If you are in the UK you may be better off to go to where the Adria Hymer factory is in Germany and purchase one from a dealer there. You will find you will save yourself some money by doing this.

This will only apply if the caravan you are buying is a lot cheaper than buying it in the UK. If the price is near enough the same then there would be no point in doing this.

Taking a trip with your car under the  channel through the tunnel could save you some money. But my guess is that you will be stung when you come back with government fees making it unworthwhile unfortunately.

Are Imported Eriba Caravans a Quality Buy

Before the move of the factory from France to Germany quality was better but after the move the quality of the imported Adria caravans began to fall. Things that did not occur before, common faults, started to happen more frequently than they had before the move.

Obviously a lot of the staff that was at the France factory did not move to Germany but stayed behind. This meant the employment of new staff that was not clued up in the Eriba method of production and mistakes on the line were overlooked and passed on to the next stage of production.

A lot of the errors went out to the customers who trusted in The Hymer reputation which was clearly gone. Before 2010 the quality was good but now it is sadly lacking and due diligence is needed when purchasing an imported Eriba caravan. 

Faults With The Imported Eriba Caravans

Some of the faults now common in the Eriba caravans are things that should not be occurring. The standards have dropped significantly with a lot of owners being effected by the change to the usual high standards.

Small things like bathroom and some wardrobe doors falling off, usually in transit is not amusing. On top of that is the significant flexing in the bathroom cabinetry which means the bathroom door will not close.

Along with overhead lockers falling away from hinges which is due to the use of poor quality low density plywood being used where screws are not able to get a proper grip to hold. One thing that is really annoying is when your bed frame collapses when you are sleeping in it.

Another thing is the excessive use of mastic which has blocked rain gutters as well as equal quantities of mastic not present at all. The worst one of course is the problems with water ingress issues which can cause a lot of damage internally.

Finally some electrical problems with touch lights not working, or doing so when they like. These are the most common problems which should not be happening yet do.

ome Final Advice

So with imported Eriba caravans it is best to show some caution as things have changed with them and the quality of the product being produced with the standards sadly dropping since the move to Germany. This is indeed a surprise and just goes to show what can happen in a short space of time.

You will have to think about the price of the caravan and whether it is worth bothering with it if these issue are persisting through the production of imported Eriba caravans.

But if you are prepared to except a few niggles and annoyances you will find that the enjoyment you get will dull these over time. Once these faults are sorted you will have a good experience in your Eriba caravan.

In Europe there is not much choice and a lot of people go back to the Eriba because they are easy to tow and will out last the competition which is no where near as good. So are they worth the price you pay probably not.

A lot of Eriba owners will go back to buy a second or third caravan even after having these problems. They realize that the Eriba holds its value when they sell so they stay with them for this reason.

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