Imported Elddis Caravans Are They For Your Country

Imported Elddis caravans are they suitable for your country that is the question? Does the Elddis integrity and water ingress warranty apply? Well you'll be given the answer to those questions on this page.

OK lets get to it shall we. Elddis allows countries as far away from Great Britain as Australia and new Zealand sell imported Elddis caravans to customers in their countries. These businesses are dealers for the Elddis company and have exclusive rights to sell and service all Elddis products.

This exclusivity is new products only. Any dealer can sell a second hand Elddis product but so can the authorized dealer who would take a second hand caravan when you would like to buy a new one. When you do this you find out that all the things that apply in England also apply in your country as well and are not treated any differently. 

Country Suitabilty

Imported Elddis caravans originally come from Dorsett in the County Durham in England and are exported throughout Europe into harsh environments that are freezing in the winter and hot in the summer. The changing seasons  tests the integrity of the caravan to its limits.

What this means is in most cases is there are no problems with the structure of the caravans holding together and remaining impervious to the weather conditions of any country it is imported into. This of course to you is an important consideration as to whether you will consider an imported Elddis caravan.

You may be impressed with it or hate it, it is like that with most makes of caravans but overall there are not the complaints like in the past before the change to the SoLiD construction technique and the AL-KO frame which has changed everything to a more positive outcome and no real bad reviews that I could find.

Range of Models available


        Avante 8 models 462, 550, 554, 574, 586,                                                840, 860 and 866 

        Affinity 4 models 462, 550, 554 and 574 

        Crusader 5 models Auroa, Mistral, Storm,                                            Supercyclone and Zephyr 

 • Compass

         Casita 7 models 462, 550, 554, 586, 840, 860 and 866

         Capiro 4 models 462, 550, 554 and 574

         Camino 4 models 550, 554, 560 and 574 

Xplore 4 models 304, 422, 554 and 586

Buccaneer 5 models Aruba, Barracuda, Clipper, Commodore & Cruiser

SoLiD Construction Guarantee

Imported Elddis caravans when sold by and authorized Elddis dealer, no matter where they are in the world, are covered by the same guarantee as they are in England where the caravans are made.

The Elddis caravans are made using the SoLiD construction technique which means the walls are bonded together using adhesives used in the motor and aircraft industry which required the toughest adhesives available. Elddis partnered with Henkel adhesives and initiated the SoLiD initiative which is to bond all the walls together together to make one impervious shell.

You have to realize that this idea meant that less screws where to be used which meant less holes and the likely hood of leaks and delamination occurring. With an impervious shell you now get the ten year full body integrity and water ingress warranty on every caravan built.

There is no better warranty anywhere in the world. This manufacturer stands out from the competition through innovation and a willingness to step into the future. So your imported Elddis caravan has the same guarantee behind it as those in Great Britain.

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