Imported Adria Caravans From Europe Good Bad or Ugly 

Imported Adria caravans are produced by a company from Novo Mesto, Slovenia called Adria Mobil. It was established in 1965 making the company over a half century old. The company has built it's business to becomes the sixth largest producer of recreational vehicles in Europe.

They enjoy a 6.5 percent market share in Europe and produce ninety-nine percent of their product for that market. The remaining one percent is exported abroad to foreign markets in which Great Britain is one. 

Imported Adria Caravans

Exported Adria caravans have authorized who import Adria caravans new into their country in which Great Britain is one. The imported Adria caravans come with the standard warranties for wear and tear and water ingress as supplied by the manufacturer Adria Mobil.

If the the caravans are imported secondhand this does not apply. The warranty given is short term sixty to ninety days. So in this situation you has to be careful that you don't end up with a lemon.

That being said even with a new one their still may be problems with getting things fixed to your satisfaction. Even though the second hand caravans maybe cheaper they could potentially end up costing you more in the long run. 

Authorized Dealer

Only an authorized dealer can sell the newly impoerted Adria caravans that come directly from Adria Mobil. This is the manufacturers way of keeping control of the new recreational vehicles it produces. For those who love there Caravan and want to purchase a newer one they can trade their old caravan on the new one.

This means that authorized dealers also sell second hand caravans. Because of this if the caravan has been serviced regularly some of the warranty can be sold to someone else if it remains.

This is particularly useful to you with regards to the standard and water ingress warranty to get some protection from problems, if they occur before the warranties expire. This only happens when the imported Adria caravan is traded to an authorized Aria Mobil dealer.

Imported Adria Caravans:

• Adria Alpina

• Adria Adora

• Adria Action

• Adria Altea

• Adria Aviva

• Plus older models

Second Hand Adria Caravans

With second hand caravans the rules are quite different as these imported Adria caravans are not controlled by Adria Mobil and so can be imported by any dealer who choose to do so. Those caravans come with no warranty what so ever so it is strictly buyer beware.

This does not mean that every caravan imported is a potential lemon but there is still the possibility that you could be the one that ends up with one. These second hand dealers are not going to tell you everything because there business depends on selling caravans of different makes and models.

They will try hard to five you the best that they have but if that happens to be a lemon then they will try to fix it but only within reason. They will certainly not spend all of the profit they made on your choose of caravan. So if you can get insurance to cover this. Let the insurance company pay for anything unforeseen.

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