A Honda Generator is it For Your Travel Trailer

The Honda generator is the best small generator on the market. They are super quiet and also very economical on fuel. The best thing about this generator is how compact they are. This means they don't take up much room which is a plus when you haven't much space in the first place. This generator is an excellent accessory for your travel trailer.


This generator is a great backup source when your battery power starts to deminish. It is advisable not to run your deep cycle batteries below forty percent because of the risk of damage to the cells. You should have an alarm fitted for this so you know when it is time to switch to your Honda generator. 

Another thing is to be able to run your travel trailer and recharge your batteries at the same time. For this you are going to need a battery lead connected to your generator to recharge your batteries which is on the Honda. This will be especially the case after three or four days of continous use. So the generator needs two outlets for main power and one 12 volt DC power plug to do this.

This generator comes highly recommend : 


• Honda EU2200i inverter generator

For travel trailer owners because I own and use one myself in our 5th wheel to prevent below forty percent drain on our battery bank.

Power Drain

This drain of power happens even if you have solar panels and sunny days. If you have more than one solar panel then  it may take longer but it will happen. So instead of three days it may be five days.

This is before your power in your batteries goes below forty percent. If you have a beefed up system then this may not apply to you but, if it is cloudy for a few days then it may be very different.

If you have a small system of two deep cycle batteries and one solar panel then this is the way to go. Unless of course you decide to add to what you already have.

But what you may find is this may be not much cheaper snd after getting it done you may need a backup generator anyway. A backup Honda generator is always handy especially during a few days of cloudy or rainy weather.

This helps to keep your battery bank at full charge. By keeping your batteries  up to scratch they will last a lot longer than if they are continually being over drained.

Twelve Volt Plug 

Because the Honda has a twelve volt plug all you need is a cable to connect the generator directly to the battery bank to raise the charged level to well above forty percent. They are great for running AC powered appliances like a microwave when you are out in the bush and cannot plug into a powered campsite. 

So all in all I recommend a Honda generator because of it's size and it's quality. The only down side  is that it is not electric start but pull start. Once you get used to starting your new generator then it becomes easy. They are very easy to start and are very reliable as well.

New is better than used. The reason is you do not know how much use it has had. It could be just about worn out without you knowing it. I bought mine new so I know it's history.  So by new rather than used and have trouble free running.

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