Freedom Caravans lightweight, Compact And Extremely Durable

Freedom Caravans are lightweight, compact and extremely durable with a one piece design that keeps the caravan robust without the normal water ingress problems. In 1984 Freedom RV was set up and by years end the first Microlite came off the production line.

A lightweight caravan was created by using fiberglass one piece technology. 6 fiberglass panels are clamped together with every joint being fiberglass as well. This also includes the floor to create a one-piece shell. There is one caveat with this and that is  the shell is prone to cracking from normal movement but is easy to fix.

This does not take away the fact that this design is waterproof when cracks are not present and extremely light with a maximum weight of between 580 to 850kgs. This means that the new Microlite caravan could be towed by almost any small motor vehicle and is extremely economical on fuel.

This has also made this caravan much more affordable than the larger ones made by other manufacturers in the industry. The company and there products has stood the test of time with Freedom caravans being around for over 35 years and still going strong.  

The Freedom Caravans Design a Real Winner

You will find the design of the freedom caravans a real winner as they will still be giving you service when the other bigger caravans have been dispatched to the graveyard. 

This is due to the fiber glass design which is extremely pliable as well as having an interior that will keep you dry for many years to come. All the manufacturers who go with fiberglass molds end up with a winning design. Because of this the Freedom caravans last and have good resale value which I am certain you would appreciate.

This of course cannot be said for some of the other caravan manufacturers who do not use this method of manufacture which is a proven winner with clients.There are no seams that can leak in a freedom caravan like there is in other caravans who use cheaper methods to turn a quick profit and then worry about faulty product afterwards.

This company is a small company that stands by its products by giving you the customer a 25 year water ingress warranty on all their caravans. This is the best water ingress warranty available to you the client and means the company is sure about their products that they will stand the test of time.  

What is Available Today?

The Microlite model was introduced to the market and held the company in good stead until 1986 when two new models were introduced. These two models were  the Sunseeker and the Jetstream models being introduced to the market giving you the customer more choice.

Now Freedom caravans has three models to choose from 1986 until today a period of thirty three years. Other things were added like the flare and the phoenix packages. For no more than 500 pounds for the flare package and 1,000 pounds for the phoenix package you could add to to your choice ofcaravan in the range.

This is the range of Freedom caravans available today which is mainly in the small to medium market and are a great start if you are thinking of buying a new caravan. You will not go wrong here because these guys have their manufacturing system right and are producing a caravan that will be here for many years to come with no really awful water ingress problems.

There maybe minor problems with cracks but they are easy to fix because of the fiberglass body. This leaves you with a caravan that will serve you for many years. 

This is the latest Freedom caravan Range: 

• The Jetstream Twin Sport three berth

• The Jetstream First Class three berth

• The Sunseeker Classic three berth

• The Microlite Discovery LE two berth

• The Microlite Sport two berth

• The Flare And The Phoenix packages can be added to all these models 

freedom caravans Small But Packed With Features

Depending which model you purchase the Freedom caravan is packed with at home conveniences as possible for the space available and can carry up to three people in the Jetstream model the highest level in the freedom range. The Sunseeker is the largest three berth in the Freedom range with a full gas oven and a grill

The entry level caravan the Microlite is able to carry one to two people but has no toilet or shower and is the basic package and means you are unable to do any freedom camping unless there is a toilet and shower block near by. All the models come with a sink a two burner gas hob and a small three way fridge with a dinette at one end that can convert into a double or single bed.

There is also generous cupboard space for the size of the freedom caravans that are available with the Jetstream models having a toilet and a shower on board in a two berth format. All the models come with the unique one-piece fiberglass monocoque shell design which is unique to Freedom Caravans. This is the reason why they offer a 25 year water ingress warranty if the caravans are properly looked after. 

The Freedom Caravans Romance Continues

For a small caravan these Freedom rvs are the best on the market for those who want the freedom of being able to tow their caravan with just about any small car. This alleviates the need to get a bigger car because of the weight being towed. This would happen with the larger caravans made by other manufacturers and the life of the caravan would be shorter as well.

The one piece body construction which also includes the floor is a big plus as most of the damage to other makes is to the floor through damp getting in which is bot possible with a Freedom RV that is well maintained.

The company expects its caravans to last more than 25 years when they are serviced regularly by the company. This is the high expectation of the one piece design which is unique in the industry. The norm where  wooden floors rule and rot out quickly with other manufacturers. this is because of the use of the cheapest particle board available. This is not the case with Freedom caravans. 

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