Forest River Travel Trailers Do They Have Any Problems?

Forest River travel trailers have not been around that long. It was founded in 1996 by Peter Liegl which makes it just over twenty years old. Peter Liegl was CEO for Cobra industries from 1985 to 1993 after which he purchased some of their assets. He started Forest River Incorporated who built Forest River travel trailers. 

From this begining and from growth the company grew and more purchases were made over time. This company grew quickly to become the second largest manufacturer of travel trailers in the market behid Thor industries.

Berkshire Hathaway

In 2005 Forest river Incorporated was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway who are the owners until this day. They have owned Forest river travel trailers for thirteen years and made the purchase because a trend towards travel trailers was about to happen.

This is due to the cost of real estate becoming to dear for the average American. Warren Buffet could see this trend and decided to purchase the company.

Since then demand has steadily grown until now the company is having trouble keeping up with demand. This has lead to more pressure on staff to produce more trailers which has also lead to a drop in quality due to the pressure of demand. 

Buyer Beware

so now it's buyer beware because of this situation that is ac curing at the moment. The Forest River travel trailers are not as they seem and have problems because the staff can not take the time to complete the work to a satisfactory level as they used too.

Now new trailers leak and screws fall out seams separate and cupboards don't stay secure. You really have to do your due diligence to make sure the unit is up to scratch before you put down any money. Once the money is down it is to late because all you will get is we will fix it promise that may or may not be realized.

Forest River Travel Trailers:

Travel trailers

• Alpha wolf, Evo, Cherokee, Flagstaff, No Boundaries, R-pod, Rockwood, Salem, Sonoma, Surveyor, Vibe, Wildcat, Wildwood (35 models)

Destination Trailers

• Cedar Creek Cottage, Cherokee Destination, Salem Villa, Sandpiper Destination, Sterra Destination, Wildcat Lodge (6 models)


One thing you as a purchaser should never do is think that the guarantee will protect you. If the travel trailer is a to hard to fix then it will be patched which may do the trick in the short term but long term will return with vengeance.

Or it may be to expensive to fix then you will quickly find just how good your limited warranty is it is limited to a certain cost and once that is exceeded no more repairs will be made on your travel trailer. The warranty is for only one to two years maximum after which any faults become your problem not the dealers or the companies either.

Major Repairs

What this means is that you could be stuck with a Forest River travel trailer that is just over two years old and in need of major repairs. These repairs could run into the tens of thousands quite easily and all because the assemblely was not done correctly in the factory.

You end up with a lemon which you have to get rid of or except the liability and get it repaired at your expense. This situation sucks that is why I say you can not trust the company or their dealers to do the right thing.

Because if it is over budget then it will fall on you unfortunately. So make sure you do your due diligence properly. It makes no difference whether the trailer is new or used the same applies.

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