Forest River 5th Wheels Do They Have the Same Problems 

Forest River 5th wheels

Berkshire Hathaway purchased Forest River Incorporated in 2005 as an investment.  They have owned Forest river Incorporated for over a decade.

Berkshire Hathaway made the purchase because of a trend in the market towards these trailers was about to happen. This is due to the cost of real estate becoming to dear for the average person. Warren Buffet could see this trend and decided to purchase the company.

Demand Brings Growth

Since then demand has steadily grown for the company until now. Because of demand the company is having trouble keeping up with the staff they have. They feel that this demand will pass but this may not be the case with an aging population who may want to see the country and be mobile.

This has lead to more pressure on staff to produce more trailers which has also lead to a drop in quality. Because of the pressure on staff to produce more Forest River 5th wheels and other trailers Faults are a natural outcome as more trailers are not properly inspected but pushed out the door for sale. 

So now the buyer has to beware of this situation that is accuring at the moment. The Forest River 5th wheels are not as they seem and have problems because the staff can not take the time to complete the work to a satisfactory level as they used too.

Now new trailers leak and screws fall out seams separate and cupboards don't stay secure. you really have to do your due diligence to make sure the unit is up to scratch before you put down any money. Once the money is down it is to late because all you will get is a we will fix it promise that may or may not be realized.

Forest River 5th Wheels:

• Artic Fox, Black Diamond, Blue Ridge, Cardinal, Cedar Creek, Cherokee, Flagstaff, Impression, Salem, Wildcat,  Wildwood,   Riverstone, Rockwood, Sabre, sandpiper, Sierra (27 models)

Toy Haulers   

• XLR, Cedar, Cherokee, Riverstone, Sandstorm, shockwave, Vengeance(12 models)


One thing you as a purchaser should never do is think that the guarantee will protect you. If the Forest River 5th wheel is a to hard to fix then it will be patched which may do the trick in the short term but in long term it will return with vengeance.

Or it may be to expensive to fix then you will quickly find just how good your limited warranty is it is limited to a certain cost and once that is exceeded no more repairs will be made on your Forest River 5th wheel. The warranty is for only one to two years maximum after which any faults become your problem not the dealers or the companies either.

Major Repairs

What this means is that you could be stuck with a 5th wheel that is just over two years old and is in need of major repairs. These repairs could run into the tens of thousands quite easily and all because the assembly was not done correctly in the factory.

You end up with a lemon which you have to get rid of or except the liability and get it repaired at your expense. This situation sucks that is why I say you can not trust the company or their dealers to do the right thing. Because if it is over budget then it will fall on you unfortunately. So make sure you do your due diligence properly.

Much bigger

There is no doubt that the fifth wheels are a much bigger trailer. They are roomier inside with a lot more extras like more slide outs which create more space and makes the trailer seem larger inside. This allows the trailer to seem more homer with usually all the modern conveniences of home on board. These trailers are a home away from home with full on luxury for your enjoyment.

If you do your due diligence there is no doubt a well built fifth wheel would be great purchase if you are in the market for one. The only thing you need is the finances and time to spend on the road enjoying one of these trailers.

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