Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers Is It Your Dream To Own One

Fifth wheel travel trailers are different from a travel trailer towed behind a car or SUV. These travel trailers you will find are not towed the same way as a caravan is. 5th wheels are towed with a table hitch similar to an artic truck but are much smaller in size. The table hitch is on the back of a utility or small truck.

The hitch is backed up into a pin which the jaws of the hitch lock on too. The hitch is usually centred over the back axle of your light truck or ute if you have a look. This centres the weight of the 5th wheel on the axle of your small truck evening out the towing weight on each axle.

The Amenities on Board

You probably like one of theses trailers because of the amenities that are on board like slide outs which create more room in the trailer. Fifth wheels you may not realize also carry more gas with two bottles which are larger than on the normal caravans. 

These you will use for heating both the water and the 5th wheel interior keeping you cosy when it is cold. You have a full-size gas oven with either three or four burners to cook with. Also gas is used to heat your water if you want a hot shower to freshen up in the shower which is on board. 

Who Makes Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers:

Even More

You will like a fifth wheel travel trailer because it usually comes with a queen size bed, shower, toilet and plenty of cupboard space. Full stereo and television in the living area and bedroom for your entertainment. They are a home away from home on wheels so to speak.  You will love it if this is your dream RV.

You get a lot more comforts in a fifth wheel travel trailer than you will in a caravan. Another thing is that you will also be self-contained with your black, grey and white water with larger tanks than on a normal travel trailer.

What you have to way up here is whether you like the idea of more comforts. This is because you will be longer than a caravan and will have issues with parking on a camping ground with your truck on.


The 5th wheel will take up most of the length of your site. Some campsites won't allow 5th wheels because of space issues.

This is because their sites are not big enough to accommodate your travel trailer and truck. If you do not mind this and intend not to use campsites then you will be fine in your dream 5th wheel. But with the intent of not using campsites comes another challenge.

Power Drain

It is something you may not expect battery drain. With this, you do not want to go below forty per cent of your overall power. So you may require a monitor for this and a backup generator to recharge your battery bank.

You could add another solar panel if you only have one. This will lengthen the need to recharge the batteries. Another thing you can do is purchase batteries with a bigger amp hour rating. But of course, this adds to your  costs of owning a fifth wheel travel trailer.

Having your own generator on hand is always a good backup if you are going to be away for a while. You may go to all these lengths and still find in the long run you need a backup generator. You are better off being prepared.

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