Fifth Wheel Insurance Protection From The Unexspected

Fifth wheel insurance is protection from the unexpected either an accident or a loss of your trailer to thieves or fire. Either one of these events will leave you stunned especially if you live in the trailer full time.

This is becoming more and more a reality as housing prices sore out of control. It is becoming more and more less likely that most people would be able to afford to purchase a home anytime soon. So when you have an accident or loose your trailer to thieves or fire you have to go without your home for a while.

This happens until it is either found or the insurance company pays you out by cheque or direct credits the amount into your account. They pay you either the agreed price, book value or market value. What would be even better would be to allow you to choose another trailer for around the same value as you had.

Trailer Gone

There is nothing worse than going out and coming home to find that your trailer is not where you left it or is there but a pile of ash.

So the smart thing to do is to plan ahead and buy fifth wheel insurance when you purchase the trailer. This is usually compulsory when financing.

Even though you have insurance you have to be careful what you do so as not to leave your trailer unprotected for to long. If you do have to leave your travel trailer for a while then a hitch lock maybe a necessary deter ant against thieves.

The other unforeseen thing that can happen is an accident. Once again this separates you from your home for a while, while repairs are being done. If you are not living in the trailer then it is a simple drop off and pickup when finished. 

Type of Insurance Cover

When you decide to buy fifth wheel insurance for your trailer you can decide on the type of cover you want whether full or third party cover. Each has their merits.

Full cover is great if you have an accident but not so good if you don't. You can reduce that by excepting an access on your policy which brings the premiums down and makes it more affordable.

Third party is only good for covering third party damage. If your trailer is stolen then you loose. If the trailer is destroyed by fire you loose.

With full cover your trailer is covered against theft and fire. If it is not found or destroyed by fire then you are paid out an agreed amount on the trailer by the insurance company. 

For 5th Wheel Only

Fifth wheel insurance is for 5th wheels and not for vehicles. A 5th wheel is a trailer and is therefore in a different class because it has no engine to propel it forward but has to be towed by a towing vehicle with a hitch attached to it.

These 5th wheel trailers have become extremely popular because of there mobility and because most of the comforts of home can be and are on board with you where ever you go. Gone are the days of being stuck in one place.

Now is the mobile era where being able to move from place to place is more important than being stuck on a piece of dirt somewhere going back and forward to work each day. Fifth wheel insurance covers you no matter where you go and the company is just a phone call away if any thing should happen.

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