A Fiamma Bike Rack For Your Travel Trailer

The Fiamma bike rack is made in Italy and imported into most countries that have travel trailers or otherwise known as caravans in them. These bike racks are quite different to the common hitch bike rack which usually goes on the tow ball of your vehicle but can also be fitted to the tow ball of your travel trailer or caravan.

These bike racks cannot be adjusted for different heights but come in a fixed standard height. The advantage though is you can remove them after use. The hitch bike rack maybe the most popular because of its convenience of use. The inability to be flexible as to where you can hang your bikes is not an option due to the fixed nature of the hitch bike rake.

The Fiamma bike rack is quite different in that it is adjustable up and down and does not hide your rear lights as the bikes on a hitch bike rack does. So there are some good reasons as to why a Fiamma bike rack has some clear advantages.

Fiamma Quality Construction

The quality of construction plus the light weight makes the Fiamma bike rack an easy choice because when you look at the other types of bike racks they are usually made of heavy steel tubing which is either powder coated or painted. With the Fiamma rack the whole frame is made of aluminium which has been treated and is both light weight and highly resistant to corrosion.

Even though you may notice that this bike rack is permanently fixed to your travel trailer it is incredibly easy to use. You will find that all fittings are compact and easy to adjust. The whole rack sits flat as possible and does not stick out as the other fixed racks do.

With various swivel points and angles you will find that you can pull out the Fiamma bike rack ready for use very quickly. The construction of this rack has been carefully thought out with your convenience in mind, with a upper and lower mounting point for your bikes. The rack mounts two bikes on two rails which hold the bikes firmly in place when travelling.

The Fiamma Bike Rake Edge

The Fiamma edge is the way that this particular bike rack functions compared to other standard bike racks that hitch to your vehicle tow ball. The Fiamma bike rack is fixed to the back or front of your travel trailer depending on the design of the front. If it is not suitable for the front because of the shape of the front of the travel trailer then it is fitted to the back.

With minimum depth the fiamma rack will sit on the back of your trailer as flat as possible causing minimum extension to the rear of your travel trailer. This alone is a huge advantage you will enjoy plus the fact that placing your bikes on the back of your trailer is extremely simple and quick leaving the bikes safely secured on the rack.

Everything about the fiamma bike rack is simple and easy to execute with adjustable parts that slide, twist and turn in the direction you want in order to secure your bikes correctly. To place the bikes into the rake is a matter of you facing each bike in opposite direction from each other so that the handle bars are at opposite ends to each other. 

Available Fiamma Bike Rack Models:

• FIAMMA 02094-17A Bicycle Carrier

• FIAMMA 02093B74A Bicycle Carrier

• FIAMMA 136/553 Bicycle Carrier

Other Fittings on a Fiamma Bike Rack

This is what makes this bike carrier different is all the movable parts that are on the frame which are packed down to make the frame as narrow as it can possibly be. These fittings are all movable which they are not on a standard hitch bike rack which is fixed in one place and has no adjustment capabilities as the fiamma bike rack does.

The two rails where the wheels of the bikes sit pulls down and can be adjusted up in the high position or down in the low position on the frame. The height that suits you or is practical for what you want to achieve in a safe manner. 

Keeping the bikes in the high position keeps the bikes from damage from a rear end collision. Also you will notice slide fittings where the wheels are choked into. Then it is just a case of  holding the wheels with a Velcro strap which threads through a hole before using a Velcro strap to hold it  down securely.

To secure the frame there is a fitting that acts like a arm and knuckle. This slides along the frame in a horizontal fashion to bring the arm and knuckle into positioned to where you want to attach to  the frame so that the bikes are held securely to the rack.

There are fittings for attaching the frame to your travel trailer to back up the securing of the Fiamma rack to the vehicle. This is for safety reasons so that the frame cannot be torn off or fall of the back of the trailer when you are travelling.

Final Words

The Fiamma bike rack is the most suitable for travel trailers that does not cause ant unforeseen problems which you do not want down the road. This bike rack is by far the safest bicycle carrier on the market today.

They maybe in some cases a bit more costly than the cheaper bike racks but they have stacks more benefits to them which you will learn when you own one. These bicycle carriers are the most popular among the RV community because of there ease of use, compactness and light weight durable frame that looks great for years to come.

You can not go wrong when purchasing one of these bike racks which treat you bike with respect keeping it safe on your travels and ready for its next ride.

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