Extra Sewage Wastewater Hosing a Must Have Backup

Extra sewage wastewater hosing a must have to avoid those embarrassing moments when a hose bursts and you get covered in sewage. Or at least a hose system that would last the distance and do everything you need it to do cleanly and without incident.

The wrong hosing will be something that will lead to embarrassing moments you would rather not happen. Being on the road and having to dump your sewage and wastewater is a fact of RV life so it is imperative you have good quality hosing to do the job.

Using hoses with pin holes in them is not ideal and you risk being covered in sewage which is something that is completely unpleasant. So if you have hoses like this it best to throw them away after cleaning and purchase a new hosing kit.  

What Hoses Not to Get

You can purchase extra sewage wastewater hosing from a local RV dealer or retailer if you have one in your area. The problem with this which you may not be aware of is as soon as you run over or drag these hoses either it will be crushed or a pin hole will appear.

The reason is because the ribbing has metal wire inside it which will crush and develop pin hole leaks. This is of course not ideal and means you will have to go and purchase another hose to replace the damaged one.

You can avoid this by never running over your hose but dragging is something that can not be avoided but it can be minimized. These hoses are usually see through so you can see what is going on and if any sewage or wastewater is left in the line.

That is about the only advantage that these hoses have which are negated by being crushed when run over and developing pin holes from being dragged on stones, seal and concrete.

New Hosing

It is more than likely without knowing it you will end up purchasing the wrong extra sewage wastewater hosing from a local travel trailer dealer or supplier. This is the way it is unfortunately when you don't know what you don't know.

When buying new hoses you have to make sure your coupling is the same diameter as the one you are buying. Usually these couplings are a universal fitting. It pays to check that your fitting is a universal fitting and not specially made for you specific travel trailer.

Also do the extensions have universal fittings or are they specially designed to fit your RV. When it is like this then you have to purchase genuine parts from the dealer of that brand of travel trailer.

This is the manufacturers way of receiving profits from these extras. This is the most expensive way to purchase hoses because they are a genuine part.

Another thing it does is the hose come with a elbow that fits into the dump station hole when it is threaded and can be screwed in place for a tight fit. This fitting swivels in place to join with the hose coupling. This makes for a sealed dumping process which avoids any spillages.

Whats Best

That is the question isn't it because what I might think is best you may not for reasons that I am unaware of. The truth is you want extra sewage wastewater hosing that can be run over and crushed and bounce right up again afterward. It is also highly resistant to scuffing from dragging.

This type of hosing is the best available on the market and is extremely robust but has one disadvantage. The hose is not see through like the other hosing which maybe a greater benefit to you than the other negative factors.

This hosing has a universal coupling on it but with a longer neck so it is easier to hook up to your RV. The elbow is white see through plastic so that you can see when your dumping has finished.

The elbow swivels allowing for proper line up to the hose. There are also several threaded fittings on the elbow so it can fit almost any threaded dump station hole which helps to keep extra sewage wastewater hosing  clean and contained. 

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