Eriba Caravans Why The Secrecy on The Warranty?

Eriba caravans why the secrecy on the warranty even though they have a long history of innovation they have stuck to the central design. Eriba xaravans is part of Hymer motor home manufacturing which was started in the Swabian town of Bad Waldsee in Germany.

The Hymer company was started when Alfons Hymers son Erwin Hymer brought part of Erich Bachems building. The two worked closely together to build their first caravan the Ur-Troll in 1957. Erwin and Erich worked together and in the following year 1958 developed and brought into production the Eriba touring series.

This was the beginning of Eriba caravans a part of Hymer which have brought out many innovations which have now become industry standards across the world making this company the pioneering leader. The brand name for the caravans comes from Erich Bachem.

The name Erich Bachem the aircraft engineer was used to construct the brand name. By using the first three letters of his christian name "ERI" and the first two letters of his surname "BA" to form the brand name ERIBA for the touring series.

Eriba Caravans Innovation

You may not realize it but Eriba caravans by Hymer have been extremely innovative. They have produced some innovations that have become industry standards. 

Like the double floor or the lowering of the chassis for a lower center of gravity.  This makes the caravan more stable when towing.

In 1961 the pop top was added to the Eriba caravan to give more head room and interior light. In 1978 came the PUAL body shell which has so much strength it could hold a camper van on the roof without collapsing.

The next innovation came in 1998 when Eriba caravans became rounded for aero dynamics reasons and to reduce drag when towing. This is something you would like because it was done to improve fuel economy on the towing vehicle.

The drive with this company is to improve customer experience when using their caravans which leads to repeat business. The reason is because the customer experience is important.  This is what drives the company to continue to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.  

Eriba Caravans Range

The range of Eriba caravans have changed over the years with improvements following the new models with new innovations. In 1958 came the Eriba touring series which was the start of the sixty plus journey.

In 1966 the Eriba Nova range began a light caravan with more room and added extras to make the camping experience more enjoyable for you without having to stay in motels or at campsites. The Eribette was an all wood design launched in 1976. this model was for those who liked a compact alternative to the Eriba touring.

The next step came with a new PUAL shell design in 1978 with added stability you could not denign with the demonstration of another camper placed on its roof to show how sturdy it was. With continued change and demands from customers came the Eriba moving range in 1998.

You the customer wanted better fuel economy from your vehicle so Eriba caravans changed to a more rounded model to reduce drag and improve fuel economy. This lead to a complete redesign of the Eriba Nova in 2004 which became the most modern looking caravan on the market at the time.

2005 saw the introduction of a new model the Eriba feeling with a modern lifting top added for more head room. Next came the Eriba exciting range in 2012 for the younger camping enthusiast.

In 2013 came the Eriba light which features the compactness of rhe Eriba feeling with the comfort of the Eriba nova. 2014 saw the innovation of the feeling and nova combined into a new series of Eriba Nova lighter and more comfortable both to tow and to camp in. 

Eriba Caravan Range: 

• Eriba Touring

• Eriba Feeling

• Eriba Exciting

• Eriba Nova Light

• Eriba Nova GL

• Eriba Nova SL

• Eriba Nova Living

• Eriba Nova 5

Eriba Caravan Warranty

There is no evidence of a waranty on the Eriba Hymer wesite as far as I can tell. I do not know why the warranty is not present which it is on other caravan manufacturer sites. This is very strange.

But as you can imagine there will be problems as with any manufactured caravan. You still have to do your due diligence even though I could not find any evidence of faulty Eriba caravans.

You do get a six year water ingress warranty which was found with some additional research but not on the website and only as long as it has been regularly serviced and damp checked by an authorized Eriba dealer or workshop.

New vans have a two year Hymer warranty with the first year covering an all inclusive and comprehensive list which includes all original fitted components in the caravan.

What is excluded in the second year of the warranty is tires, glass, paint and bright work, soft furnishings, carpets, floor coverings, work surfaces, window catches, electrical connections, natural movement of internal doors and furniture plus the audio equipment.

This is basically excluding all wear and tear items under the warranty which is extremely limited. The idea here is to limit the liability of the company to a bare minimum to preserve profits which is fine if the company is not at fault. 

Final Thoughts

Eriba caravans was the first company to give a six year water ingress warranty back in 1985 something that made the competition either follow or lose sales to this innovative company. They could do this because of their innovative design which stood up to the harsh weather conditions in Europe without failing.

There are still examples of the early Eriba caravans around today which have the vintage stamp on them because they are over fifty years old. This shows you that these caravans were made to last a long time and are a true testimony to the innovative design that stands up to the test of time.

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