Cruiser RV what's The Difference?

Cruiser RV what's The Difference? Well that is what this page is about to explore and find out about this company.

This manufacturer was started in 1988 by some people who were campers who wanted to build a product they could not purchase from a manufacturer at the time. They started building travel trailers with different floor plans and also began building toy haulers as well.

Cruiser RV is one families vision to make campers made by campers for campers. They have been in business for over 30 years and have added innovation to the their toy hauler models. The garage facility which can carry two motorcycles side by side, can also be a home office or a spare room for the kids. 

They have made their travel trailers with a functional benefit that is attractive to a particular buyer who is looking for what they are offering in a travel trailer and fith wheel market place.   

Cruiser RV Challenge

TThe name Cruiser rv was thought of to carry a relaxing message when on the road and out there camping in remote places. In this situation you need all the home comforts on board in order for it to be a relaxing and enjoyable vacation away from home.

The idea is to also have the travel trailer cruise behind your towing vehicle without putting to must strain on it but to be able to cruise along quite comfortably without any problems. This is where the weight of the travel trailer is extremely important to reach this goal of cruising along the highway comfortably.

This is quite a challenge for a long travel trailer. To much weight will not accomplish the cruising goal but will make the RV hard to handle and extremely uncomfortable to tow causing much stress to the driver of the towing vehicle. So having a Cruiser RV leaves one thinking will this travel trailer be easy to tow and a cruiser as the name states.  

Cruiser RV Models Available

Cruiser RV has developed over the last thirty years a range of travel trailers that have proved to be what the market is looking for in a RV. This has been developed and tested over time so that the market segment that Cruiser RV services is catered for in the best possible way with what they are looking for in a travel trailer.

They noticed that some people wanted to take motor cross bikes in their campers and so developed a Toy hauler to cater to that need in that market. Motor cross riders could go to meetings and stay in their travel trailer for the duration of the meeting no matter where it was around the country. 

The models available are the:

Ebrace Ultra-lite: EL240, EL250, EL260, EL275, EL280, EL285, EL310

Fun Finder: 21RB, 23BH< 23SR, 24RK, 25RS, 26DB, 26DS, 26RB, 27BH, 27IK,                               28QD, 29KR, 29RS, 31BH< 32BS, 32QB

MPG: 2120RB, 2200RB, 2400BH, 2550RB, 2650RL,2700TH, 2750BH, 2800QB,               2975RK, 3100BH, 3200DB

Radiance: R-22RB, R-24BH, R-25BH, R-25RB, R-25RK, R-25RL, R-26BH,                                     R-26KB,   R-26RE, R-28QD, R-28RS, R-30DS, R-32BH

Shadow Cruiser: 193MBS, ID199RUO, 200RDS, 220DBS, 225RBS, 240BHS,                                          248RKS, 251RKS, 259BHS, 260RBS, 263RLS, 277BHS,                                                  280QBS, 282BHS, 289RBS, 298RSL, 313BHS, 325BHS,                                                  329QBS 

Stryker: ST2313, ST2613, ST2816, ST2972, ST2916, ST3116, ST3214, ST3112,                      ST3212

Stryker Fifth Wheel: STF2816, STF3313, STF3513, STF3713

 These are the able floor plans for Cruiser RV travel trailers and fifth wheels that are available new. 

Is Cruiser RV Different? 

The answer to this question is a resounding no. Unfortunately this company does exactly the same things as others in this industry do with travel trailers that just do not come up to standard and are a nightmare for the people who buy them.

This is no surprise as the construction is the industry standard box which develops major problems over time in all sorts of areas. You really have to do your due diligence with any box travel trailer. 

You cannot trust these people who will promise you the world until they have your hard earned cash. It will be then that they will start to give you the run around treatment and partial fixes until the warranty is up then their mistakes are all on you the customer.

This particular company has complaints with the Better Business Bureau which does not say much for them. This company continues to do what the others in this industry do. They all leave customers to fit the bill for poor construction and shoddy workmanship.

Of course to be fair this does not happen all the time but when it happens to you then it is not fair and you feel a dirty trick has been done to you. You also feel you have lost your money on a product from a legitimate company. They will not spend thousands of dollars to fix their mistakes on  your travel trailer.

Cruiser RV Limited Waranty

This is why all Cruiser RV products have a limited warranty which is in the favour of the Company and are not in the best interests of you the customer. The limited part of the warranty means there is a limited budget for repairs on any faulty fifth wheels and travel trailers made by Cruiser RV.

This is why it is very hard for you to get a satisfactory result because of this limited budget for repairs. Once the limited budget is gone you will get the run around a maybe a partial repair at best. Stalling and making excuses is  going to be the track record from here on in.

The warranty is limited so you cannot expect much from them and any legal action will achieve nothing because they will use the limited warranty which you signed against you in court stating you agreed to it by purchasing one of their products. You will get the standard one year limited warranty and the standard three year structural limited warranty when purchasing a travel trailer or fifth wheel from Cruiser RV.

Cruiser RV Final Thoughts

Even though things may seem as if it is not worth your time to get involved with owning a Cruiser RV nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing you should do is be careful and make sure that you are getting a recreational vehicle that will give you good service for the years to come.

Please do not let what is written here put you off but do your due diligence when looking to purchase even a new camper. If you do this you should come out of it with an RV you are happy with.

You want an RV that is going to give you the least trouble which is what you want so that your vacations are as enjoyable as possible. Then you can create lasting memories you do not forget. This is the goal and reason for  owning a Cruiser RV in the first place. 

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