Casita Travel Trailer is Something Different

A Casita travel trailer is something different with better quality and reliability with no outstanding issues. Customers are generally happy with them and for good reason.

The company itself Casita Enterprises started manufacturing their travel trailers in 1983 and after nearly forty years of operation it is still a family owned and operated business.   

Their compact travel trailers are made to last with many still around after thirty plus years. An example of this is a 2002 Casita Spirit Deluxe still looking like it was new with the outside looking like it had just come out of the factory after seventeen years.

This is probably because these travel trailers are small enough to be stored under cover. If this is how the Casita travel trailer looks after that length of time then they are truly something. This may be because of the fiberglass shell which may support the coating gel giving it long lasting qualities.

Of course this is only a guess as to why the coating does not fade as it does on other travel trailers. The ability to out last other travel trailers is a definite benefit when owning a Casita.

Casita Travel Trailer Manufacturing Quality

With a Casita travel trailer there are some benefits which are absent in other brands of travel trailers. One of these benefits is the way the travel trailer is manufactured. 

The shell of a Casita Travel trailer is made in a two half mold. One bottom or floor mold and one top or roof mold which means that both top and bottom shells have to be joined together to make a complete shell.

The way that the shell is produced is by spraying the gel coat in first then adding the fiberglass on top and then the hardening resin on top of the fiberglass making a complete fiberglass shell when hardened.

There are no sharp edges on a Casita travel trailer as the mold has all curved edges giving the shell it distinctive egg shaped or rounded look. The end result of this process is a compact sturdy light weight trailer that is mostly impervious to water ingress over long periods of time.

If a leak does happen it is not a big deal like it is in other brands of travel trailers because the fiberglass shell which is impervious to water a great benefit when leaks do happen. Also the wooden floor in the Casita travel trailer is gel coated which makes the floor impervious to water also.

The shell is also given a coating of foam on the inside over top of a 3 inch metal frame. Carpet is put on the walls and ceiling through out to add to the insulating effect. This helps  keep the trailer warm in winter and cool in the summer which is added to by a heating and cooling system as well. 

Casita Travel Trailer Models Available

The Casita travel trailer is manufactured in two lengths only the sixteen foot and the seventeen foot and so there available throughout the range of models.  For a small lightweight travel trailer they are packed with necessities of life if you have that in mind.

They have cabinetry throughout the travel trailer that is custom marine grade fiberglass furniture, a fridge freezer, a two or three burner stove, a sink, lots of storage space, a heater and air conditioner, a hot water heater, a dinette that coverts to a single or double bed, and a fiberglass bathroom with toilet and shower on the deluxe models.

The Range Of Casita Travel Trailers:

• Spirit Standard or Deluse either 16 or 17 feet in length

• Freedom Standard or Deluxe either 16 or 17 feet in length

• Liberty Standard or Deluxe either 16 or 17 feet in length

• Independence Standard or Deluxe and 17 feet in length

This is the range of Casita travel trailers with the varying floor plans that apply to each model and with the variations of interior that are available. 

Casita Travel trailer Features

The Casita travel trailer has many features but the one that stands out is the fact that these trailers are lightweight. The Casita trailers have a dry weight of between 1970 and 2482 pounds. 

This makes this trailer easy to tow with a smaller vehicle. The hitch weight is between 215 and 365 pounds on different models but the axle weight is 3500 pounds is on all Models.

This means you can carry up to a thousand pounds of loaded weight and still be under the axle capacity. This is because of the lightweight construction of the body shell which makes this possible. Because these travel trailers are small the overall length is either 16 feet or 17 feet in length.

This is because of the size of the molds used and also means that the height and width will also be the same throughout the range of models. The 16 foot models being 7 feet 8 inches in overall height plus 5 foot 10 inches in the interior height.

In the 17 foot models the overall height is 8 foot 11 inches and the interior height is 6 foot 1 and a half inches. Both the 16 foot and the 17 foot are 6 foot 8 inches wide because of the size of the molds being used to make the shells. 

Casita travel trailer Problems

With these trailers there really is not many problems until later on down the road when your Casita travel trailer is aged then there can be some issues that can popup. You may see stress cracks start to appear especially when the trailer has done a lot of mileage.

This is the only drawback with fiberglass it cracks under stress which is kind of annoying but it can be fixed, You may have a leak develop but is easy to fix if you get onto it immediately. Also be aware that there maybe some stress cracking in the chassis that may appear once again because of high use .

These can be easily fixed by welding them so you don't fail an inspection that maybe coming up. A lot of the problems you will experience is wear and tear and is a normal thing that happens from lots of use.

There maybe minor things that happen while new like latches not staying in place or screws falling out or things not working like the electrical system or one of the appliances being faulty. These are some of the things that can and do happen when a trailer is new. 

Fortunately all these things are easily fixed and are covered under the warranty of one full year. If serviced regularly your Casita travel trailer should give you long service with very little problems to speak of. 

Final Thoughts On Casita Travel Trailers

As far as these travel trailers go they have a low price tag when it comes to maintaining them in general and will give you many years of camping pleasure to enjoy.

Added to the construction is a more robust design, with a two-shell construction and 3 inch channel-steel frame which makes the trailer sturdy. Also 15 inch tires are available along with some of the finest fiberglass finishes in the industry with the longevity to prove it if looked after.

So generally speaking these are a robust travel trailer even though they are small they are suitable for two to four people. The surprising thing is that there is really not much to go wrong in one of these trailers.

The layout and design has really been thought to gain maximum use of space while keeping the trailer as light as possible for customers so they can pull it with the family car. They maybe small but they are packed with extras for your enjoyment.

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