Caravan Manufacturers from Europe and Great Britain

Caravan manufacturers from Europe and Great Britain who are they and what is it you need to know about their caravans compared to others? Are they made the same way or do they have another method that they use?

Which method should you trust and what are the materials you need to know about that they use in the manufacture of their caravans? You need to know how all this fits together and how those techniques will affect your purchase of their product.

Knowing this gives you power to discern which is the best travel trailer or caravan for you. You have to realize that these caravan manufacturers are in the business to make a profit. Now this in its self is not bad.

Manufacturing Techniqe

What you have to realize is that the manufacturing techniques they use may not be in your best interest.  These techniques are in  their own interests so they can push out more caravans per day.

The most common manufacturing technique is a process called lamination. This process my be good for the manufacturer but may have some pitfalls to it later on during your ownership experience which are negative and cost a lot to repair.  

One example of this is delamination where the outer or inner wall separate from the inner wall. This is very hard to fix if it happens on any of the walls. With this comes weakening of the strength of the wall or walls of the caravan.

Reasons For Using This Technique

Most manufacturers use this manufacturing technique because it speeds up production which intern increases profits. It is also cheaper to produce a wall this way than to do it in a way that will make their caravans more durable. This lengthens the life of the caravan which means they will be more expensive.

A properly built caravan costs more to make but last a lot longer than the ones built using techniques that produce cheaper product. Getting sixty plus years out of a well built caravan is extremely rewarding with no delamination problems.

These are the caravan manufactures from Europe and Great Britain:

Adria caravans                    • Bailey caravans

Elddis caravans                   • Eriba caravans 

Freedom caravans              • Hobby caravans 

• Lunar caravans                     • Sprite caravans     

• Swift caravans

Delamination Problems

The reason for delamination is because of the wood backing on the inside of the fibre-glass sheet that swells when it gets wet. You do not want a caravan made this way.

You really have to be careful out there especially with a caravan with a wooden frame. This frame has a tendency to rot and smell of mildew once it starts to leak.That happens with the constant movement of the caravan.

Depending how well the caravan manufacturers make their caravans they can start to leak from leaving the dealer or manufacturer because it was poorly put together. You the purchaser can be lumbered with this if you do not know what to look for.

Skeptical in The Face of Truth

You maybe one of those people who think it is not going to happen to me but be warned this goes on more often than you may think. People get caught out with this because they trust the people who make the caravans and think they have your best interest at heart. This belief is smashed when it is you who is lumbered with this.

You can kick up as much as you like they will not refund your money but will only offer to repair the problem. If the problem is not repairable then they will try to patch it which will not last but will be back with vengeance. This is how it really is with most caravan manufacturers with a faulty caravan they can not fix.

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