Big Foot Travel Trailer a Surprising Gem

A Big Foot travel trailer is a surprising gem built to last. The company has been around thirty plus years and just so you know went out of business for a little while and then restarted up again.

They have kept everything simple with the original shell which is two pieces of laminated fiberglass with only one seam in the middle of the body which brings the two halves together.

The two halves that make up the fiberglass body are created in a special mold where the fiberglass is sprayed clamped and left to harden. There is not much to go wrong except for cracking.

If the body is cushioned then this travel trailer will last a long time. I have to admit I am suitably impressed with the Big Foot travel trailer. 

Weight And Width

You may have one of these two doubts about the Big Foot travel trailer and this is understandable if you do not have the right vehicle to tow this travel trailer. They are heavier compared to the competition but you know this is more than compensated for when in the cold weather.

They are an all weather unit which means they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer heat. Because you may have a smaller vehicle then the width will also be a problem to you.

The trailer maybe wider than your vehicle as this has been done to create more space inside the Big Foot travel trailer so its not so cramped and personally I prefer more space even though I am inconvenienced by the extra width.

Your towing experience will be a little heavier but this is probably because of the greater space in the front of the trailer. The front of the trailer creates more drag because it is not aerodynamically designed in the front to reduce frontal drag. 


Unfortunately for most this is the deal breaker but you have to compare apples with apples as they say. The extras on a Big Foot don't come on other trailers like the solar reflective windows that reduce glare and heat loss plus reflect the cold as well.

The insulation is one to one and a half inches thick which keeps the cold out and the heat in on those frosty nights and days. All the cabinetry is pure wood with solid catches and roller casters. Plus there is much more.

So the thirty to thirty five thousand dollar price tag on the new Big Foot travel trailer is not that bad when you consider all the quality that is put into them to make them last over fifty years or more.

Early Big Foot trailers are still around today but under a different name. Long lasting quality is hard to find today as most of the manufacturers make cheap knock offs that just do not last. 

 Quality Trailer

If you are like me then you want the best you can get for your money right. There are cheaper deals but you have to ask yourself some questions.

Is it going to last?

Is it constructed the same way?

Does it have a fibreglass shell with one seam?

The only other competitor using this technique is Scamp travel trailers but they are 

narrower, smaller and only slightly cheaper. If you have a standard vehicle then they are the better trailer for your vehicle. But if you are looking for a quality trailer that is going to be around for long time then it is a good choice.

The quality of the build is going to out last anything else and in harsh conditions it is also going to see you through as well. 

If you purchased one you would not live to regret it. The quality of the Big Foot and longevity of life of the trailer would turn you into proud owner.

 Last Thoughts

I have found nothing on line to show that the Big Foot travel trailer is a lemon like some of the others are. I have found nothing but positive feedback about these trailers which is surprising considering there is a lot of disturbing information about other brands.

This is a very good sign that Big Foot travel trailer is a quality product that people are happy with. This means that the future of this company is bright because people will recommend their product to others.

Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising any company can get and it is free. There are only a few companies that are there to please their customers and these are the ones who win over the long term.  

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