Airstream Travel Trailers Retro and Timeless

Airstream travel trailers are a blast from the past. These retro RVs are set apart from the pack and are timeless in their appearance. Airsteam travel trailers are quite different from all other types of trailers out there especially in appearance.

They have a rounded look with no sharp edges and corners in all but one of their travel trailers the base camp which has sharp edges at the back of the trailer.  They have a distinctive appearance that stands out from amongst the crowd. You either love them or hate them depending on what you like. Taste and how it looks is part of the choice of RV you make.

What Are Airstreams Travel Trailers Made Of

Airstream travel trailers are manufactured in either fiberglass or aluminum to keep the caravans lightweight. These travel trailers have a metal frame to which the aluminium panels are attached using pop rivets  which are sealed.

They are light weight so that they can be towed with a SUV or a light truck with a tray on the back. There is no need to have a special license to tow one nor a fitness certificate greater than what is required for a car, SUV or light truck. 

These RVs are so well built that they out last the trailers made of laminated wood and plastic sheet which expands when it gets wet. Because of the materials they are made of they have a longer life than other travel trailers. Instead of lasting fifteen to twenty years these caravans last up to fifty of sixty years which is a great testimony to the Airstream design.

Airstream Travel Trailer Benefits

Everything about Airstream travel trailers is to be of the greatest benefit to the customer. With no slide outs there is no leaking problems but of course there is less room. Almost everything in an Airstream is environmentally friendly and recyclable especially with the Aluminium models.

There is plenty of windows but all of them have no mesh on them so bugs can be a problem when camping with the windows open. There are other minor issues but nothing serious like leaks, wiring problems etc. Over all even though the Airstream caravans are expensive but they out last the cheaper competition by three times. 

 You may pay more for an Airsteam but you have to remember that this travel trailer will be still around in sixty years. The other cheaper travel trailers would have long since gone to the travel trailer grave yard.   This proves one thing you get what you pay for in every case.

Airstream Travel Trailer Range

Airstream have several models in their travel trailer range. They are the 

• Nest                                 

• Basecamp

• Sport

• Flying Cloud

• International Signature

• International Serenity

• Tommy Bahama

• Globetrotters

• Classic

This is the full range of travel trailers Airsteam have to offer. All in Aluminium except for the Nest which is fiberglass. Their goal is to produce a lightweight caravan with a low center of gravity. Their streamlined product reduces drag and improves fuel economy by up to twenty percent over other trailers a definite benefit today.

Final Thoughts

When the other travel trailers are on the scrap heap your Airstream will be still going strong. This is one of the appeals of an Airstream longevity. Knowing that you will get many years of service out of your travel trailer is a comforting thought. 

The investment worthwhile compared to other travel trailers. Because Airstream travel trailers last so long the tendency is that these trailers retain their value a lot longer than the cheaper ones. The saying you get what you pay for is very true with Airstream travel trailers.

With these trailers you cannot go wrong but that would be true if these trailers were still in the hands of the original owners but unfortunately they have been victims of a buyer acquisition by Thor Industries who now own them.

This means that the standards may drop to make these travel trailers more profitable. This is a sad fact of life for you the customer who will be purchasing something on reputation when it has been changed by the new owners who keep the name Airstream out front to fool the buying public. 

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