Adria Caravans How Different Are They From The Rest

Adria caravans are produced by a company from Novo Mesto, Slovenia called Adria Mobil. It was established in 1965 making the company over a half century old. The company has built it's business to becomes the sixth largest producer of recreational vehicles in Europe.

They enjoy a 6.5 percent market share in Europe and produce ninety-nine percent of their product for that market. The remaining one percent is exported abroad to foreign markets across the earth as far as Australia. 

Warranty Warning

Adria caravans are mass produced and are sold with a two year manufacturers warranty and a seven year water ingress warranty to cover water damage. This sounds good doesn't it until something goes wrong then you find out the truth about how good the warranty really is.

You see a lot of the components put into the Adria caravans are manufactured by other manufacturers. This means that if one of the components made by another manufacturer fails causing damage then you have to aproach that manufacturer for repairs.

This manufacturer will replace the faulty part but will not fix any other damage because it is not covered in their warranty. The reason it is done this way is to save money and to reduce liability on the company and tranfer it to the client you the purchaser.

Box of Warranties

This of course is why when you purchase a brand new Adria caravan you also receive a box of warranty booklets which you must read. It is your job to read all the warranty material provided. If you trust the company you maybe in for a major disappointment when something goes wrong.

There maybe a clause or clauses that benefit the company and not you the client in the case of liability. These techniques guard the companies profits which are the life blood of the company.

You could end up waiting up to six months before anything is done because of a back log for warranty repairs. This is the reality with this industry where the customer is not held in high regard. 

2019 range

Apart from this Adria caravans are a good quality unit if you get a good one which gives trouble free use. They are not all bad but one has to be careful when making a purchase and know what to look for. Adria Mobil produce different models with different names over the years. The 2019 range is no exception with five new models being produced which are the 

• Adria Alpina

• Adria Adora

• Adria Action

• Adria Altea

• Adria Aviva

The Website

The new range of caravans for the 2019 year are already on the website and ready to take orders. On the Adria Mobil website you get to choose what you want from a range of options for floor plans for the various models. Adria caravans are a smart looking caravan with a well presented interior inside. I looked online and could not find any negative feedback on this manufacturer which means their product is robust and better than the British and American manufacturers.

The harsh conditions in Europe and the attention to detail and their staged quality control have obviously lead to a better result to reach this conclusion. Mostly this is how it is and most people love their Adria caravan. But the odd faulty one does make it a sore point for you who may have that one.

Water Ingress

That one caravan may have water ingress. Now this can be a problem if it reaches above twenty percent out of a hundred percent saturation. This is a problem with some caravans because of missed procedures during construction on the assembly line.

This happens when pressure to get the units out the door to fill orders. Sometimes when the pressure is on the quality control suffers and you the customer pays the price for that in a faulty caravan.

The manufacturing technique leans itself to these types of failures because of the pressure to get units out the door. I personally wish they would not do this but the drive for increased profits is so high it is unavoidable.

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