About me Tony Maynard and My Reason For Starting This Site 

Hi, this page is about me Tony Maynard the owner of yourdreamrv.com. The reason I decided to build this site is because I bought a faulty travel trailer that had expensive hidden problems. I thought if this happened to me and my wife maybe the same thing is happening to other people as well. 

When I looked at the travel trailer everything seamed to be ok. Boy was I wrong when it came to its first certificate of fitness. Then the dream quickly became an expensive nightmare and it was then that I realized we had bought a lemon.

I was so surprised and disappointed about me being tricked like this. We did some repairs and then tried to sell it but no one wanted it. We were stuck with it and we would never get our money back.


I decided to do some reseach on this expecting to find nothing. Boy was I wrong. I found people in the same situation as me all over the place. I even found a whole facebook page dedicated to these hidden problems.

Those who purchased their travel trailer expecting it to give them long sevice with no issues. The thing about me when I found this information is that I was shocked that this could be happening to so many people.

I then looked for more information about this but kept coming up with sales sites and reviews of travel trailers that were positive. They did warn of minor issues but nothing major that would dampen your dream for a great RV experience.

After a lot more research I made the decision their was a need for this site. I am now building a site to inform customers of the risks of trusting those who they are buying from.

Qualified through Experience

I do not want what happened to me and all the others out there to happen to you. So yourdreamrv.com is here to cover the other side of the travel trailer business the dirty side. I consider myself qualified to do this as me and my wife have paid through the nose for our mistake of being ignorant.  

So I am going in to bat for all those who will otherwise be taken advantage of by private sellers, dealers and manufacturers alike. All of these people will leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth if you believe them.

This is unfortuate but is the way it is today. Even the manufacturers guarantee will not protect you from this. 

Profit Motivated

For those who may disagree thats fine. They may have escaped and dodged the bullet this time but they may not be so fortunate next time. You see being ignorant leaves you vunriable to be taken advantage of.

You have to remember that all these people who are in this business are there to make a profit. If that means they have to shaft you without you realizing it they will.

The thing about me is it is my job to stop this from happening by educating you. Let me warn you of the ones who do this to there clients with no come back even in the law. They even found a loop hole in that as well.

So be warned if you value your hard earned income. Let me teach you the pitfalls you need to know and look for when purchasing your trailer so this does not happen to you.

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