Winnebago RV Has Been Around A While

Winnebago RV was founded in Forest City, Iowa in 1958 as a travel trailer company which did not have it easy but persisted in difficult times for the company. Winnebago started producing motor homes in 1966 but did not produce travel trailers until 1968 where Winnebago RV produced seven models in its product range.

This went along with a trend that was just beginning through the curiosity for a home on wheels. This curiosity for a home on wheels grew because people could take their home on wheels where they wanted and started to vacation in out of the way places because they could.

A little bit of history of this company and where it started and the shaky start that for you has become a stable company and a major player in the market behind Thor Industries and REV Group with eight per cent of the market with the purchase of Grand Design.

Overall Winnebago RV Quality

Well is Winnebago RV any different than the others when it comes to problems. No they practice the same tactics as the others in the industry do. They talk up a good gad game but they are the ones who do promise fix any problems before you buy.

Once you buy then they back out of any responsibility when a quality issue happens which is caused by there staff not doing a good job. If it is to hard and expensive to fix they will procrastinate. This occurs even under the promised warranties which are limited in nature.

What they will do is any minor repairs to a limited degree that is why it is called a limited warranty to limit both the repairs and the cost. So you have to be careful with Winnebago RV because they will not repair everything that is wrong with your travel trailer.

To those who have been in this situation they say that the Winnebago RV customer service is awful which seems to be a standard complaint across the industry for people who have this experience. Of course most will scoff at this until it happens to them and then their tune will change when they feel ripped off by these people. 

Limited Warranty

This is where most think they are safe. They call their warranty second to none when it is the same limited warranty as all the rest. It is a standard industry warranty which is limited to protect the company from full liability for their mistakes. 

Here it is:

• 12-month/15,000-mile basic limited warranty

• 36-month/36,000-mile limited warranty on structure

• Standard 10-year limited parts-and-labor fiberglass roof warranty

All of these are limited in nature which means you have not got much protection at all once you purchase one of their travel trailers. For you the buyer this sucks but it is great for the company.

Winnebago RV do give a continued warranty when the travel trailer is sold before the warranty expires. This only applies though if the trailer has been regularly serviced by a Winnebago RV agent..

Relevant Winnebago RV Product Line

There are forty eight different models in the Winnebago travel trailer product line available to purchase. You can see what is available on the Winnebago website but here we only deal with travel trailers even though the website has motor homes on it as well.

The travel trailer line is sizable with different models, lengths and features which differ for each model. The range also has thirteen travel trailer models with two fifth wheel travel trailers models with different lengths and features for each model.     

Winnebago travel trailer range is:

Minnie Plus - 26RBss, 27BHSS, 27RBDS,29DPBH,30RLSS,31BHDS

Minnie Plus Fifth Wheels - 25RKS, 28RLTS, 27REOK, 28RRG, 29MBH, 29RBH

Minnie - 2201DS, 2201MB, 2401RC, 2455BHS, 2500FL, 2500RL, 2506RL,          2701RBS, 2801BHS

Micro Minnie - 1700BH, 1706FB, 1808FBS, 2100BA, 2106DS, 2106BS, 2108DS,2108FBS, 2108TB, 2306BHS

•  Micro Minnie Fifth Wheels - 2405BH, 2405BHDB, 2405RB, 2405RG, 2405RL 

Minnie Drop - 170K, 170S, 185DB, 190BH, 210RBS

Spyder - 23FS,  28KS 

Is Winnebago RV a Good Buy

Well that depends on your ability to discern whether you can trust them to honor their word when you purchase your travel trailer. Once you have paid are they going to keep their end of the bargain that is the big question.

Do not go for any bargain offers because hidden away maybe what appears to be a bargain that is a lemon which developed some problems when going through the construction production line. You have to remember it is a production line so everything must keep moving whether good or bad.

It's like playing Russian roulette you do not know which chamber has the bullet in just as you do not no whether you are going to be sold a faulty travel trailer by Winnebago RV. This is the reason you must check it thoroughly or have it checked to make shore it has no major fault in it before purchasing your dream RV.

Most of the time you will be OK because this does not happen all of the time otherwise the company would start to have financial problems which is bad for their business. So generally the quality is good while new but fades over time. this means that the travel trailer must be resealed every eight years. 

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