RV Batteries are Different From a Standard Car Battery

RV batteries are quite different from a standard car battery. A standard car battery is used to crank the engine and requires a high charge so that this can be done and the engine on the car started. After the car engine is started then the alternator takes over recharging the battery plus powering everything on the car.

RV Batteries are deep cycle batteries and are rated as to how many amp hours they can supply to your travel trailer or fifth wheel. These batteries lose their charge slowly over prolonged use. They are predominately larger and heavier than a car battery because of the use of cycles and amp hours for discharge.

Amp Hours Vary

Because RV batteries are different, in that they are built for a different purpose, you will see there are varying sizes as in car batteries. The difference is you will see is that the deep cycle RV batteries are larger in size and come in amp hours rather than raw starting power as with a car battery.

The range of amp hours gives you the length of time before the battery is in need of recharging. These batteries are deep cycle batteries with the capacity to store a large amount of charge and release it slowly over time.

The largest twelve volt deep cycle battery You'll find is a battery producing 335 amp hours at one hundred hours discharge. There are plenty of twelve volt deep cycle RV batteries below this of course. Others you will find above this but they are either two volt or six volt batteries which are more suitable for off grid home use.

Different Guarantees

Deep cycle RV batteries come with guarantees which you would expect as car batteries come with at least a twelve month warranty. With some deep cycle 

batteries with low amp hours the same guarantee applies. You will find that most manufacturers of higher amp hour batteries give a longer guarantee on their product to encourage people to purchase. The reason for this is because these deep cycle batteries are more expensive than a standard car battery and you really do not see them as being different.

The majority are guaranteed for two or three years and are usually higher amp hours capacity say one hundred amp hours and above. The one deep cycle battery which produces the highest amp hours for a single battery has a five year guarantee on it and is rated to last ten years plus.

This is twice the life of the guarantee and is also maintenance free as well which would be an added benefit to you.  Most car batteries are replaced well before this. In fact you would replace two batteries or more over the same period of time. 

Different Guarantees

The best Deep Cycle Battery which is now available can take an extreme amount of discharge and recharge cycles before losing capacity. Over 2100 cycles before dropping to 60% of the original capacity.

This far beyond any other twelve volt battery on the market today. Your would typically find this level of cycling ability was only found in two volt cells until now. This battery was created for long life high cycle applications and solar powered equipment.

You will find with this new deep cycle battery that the High Cold Cranking Amps available make it suitable as a long-life dual use battery for boats or travel trailer use. Which size you choose is up to you as they come in a range of amp hours. The most suitable are the130AH, 270AH and 335AH sizes.

These batteries use the heaviest and thickest lead plates available in the battery industry which give them their  staying power. This is part of the design so you get a long life deep cycle battery, that would last thousands of working cycles which translates into over ten years. 

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