Burro Travel Trailers A Small Boutique of Surprises

Burro travel trailers are small travel trailers that are packed with all the extras you would expect in a more expensive travel trailer. There is no problem with a week away for up to four people because these fiberglass trailers sleep up to four anyway.

At one end the seating and dinette converts into a double bed while the other end converts into two bunks. These travel trailers have on board water tank for drinking, showering and cooking on a two burner gas stove. A shower and toilet are together with hot water from the furnace. A sit down toilet is also provided and is connected to a black water tank for all sewage. 

Several Sizes

Burro travel trailers come in several sizes. A thirteen foot, a sixteen foot , a seventeen foot and a twenty-one foot fifth wheel trailer.

These are the four sizes that used to be manufactured up until 1998-99 when the company went under due to financial problems caused by poor management and quality issues.

This is a real shame because the molded double shell construction is  impervious to contamination from the weather. The fiberglass body made in a mould didn't have the ability to stand up to the test of time because cracking was a real problem.

The market obviously didn't want the cracking which Burro tried to fix but had to close its doors because of the repair costs which was sending them broke.

Secondhand Only

The only Burro travel trailers you can buy today are secondhand trailers. There are no more new ones being built so if you are thinking in that direction they are unavailable. But if you are thinking of purchasing one to re-renovate then there are plenty to choose from.

The other thing is because the company went out of business parts are an issue. This depends on what parts were used whether they were readily available parts or whether they were manufactured for Burro travel trailers only.

I am not certain on this as to which way it went. My thoughts lean to the fact that the parts used are generic and readily available. The door hinges might be a problem as these would have been specially made. The hinges made for a scamp would probably fit but I am not certain on that either.

Another Company

There is another company who still manufactures these types of fiberglass travel trailers and that company is Scamp. Maybe some of the parts made for Scamp Travel trailers will fit the Burro trailers.

They use the same molded fiberglass body in the same sizes as the Burro  trailers did. They look exactly the same except for the seam on the Burro trailers is through the roof where on the Scamp it is in the center of the body exactly half way up.

This is a better configuration than the Burro method and does not separate which happens on the Burro travel trailers on some occasions.

Design Flaw

This is probably one of the reasons they went under because the center of the travel trailer would separate causing leaking problems. All they had to do was change the design and they would have had themselves a winner instead of a loser.

If they had corrected this flaw and made the seam in the center of the body half way up all of their problems would have disappeared and they would still be in business today. This is of course is pure speculation at this late juncture as the company has been gone for nearly twenty years.

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